The 3 Idiots
State the title of the film you chose and write a brief synopsis
For this discussion, I chose the film titled The 3 Idiots. The film covers three students enrolled in Imperial College of Engineering, one of the most respected colleges located in Delhi, India. The three, Farhan Hershi, Raju Rastogi, and Ranchoddas Chanchad form a great friendship throughout their life in college. Farhan and Raju struggled to cope up with the run fast or great trampled tradition of the college. The competition for good grades and good jobs made life in college unbearable. Rancho was in contrast with his two friends and had a passion for engineering.
State where you saw the film, analyse and describe conditions and how your circumstances affected your perception of the film
I watched the movie while at home on one of the summer afternoons. It was intriguing to watch it because friends were always giving out the spoilers and brief story, and it felt like getting this movie was a good idea so as not to be side-lined. It was relaxing to watch these two hours and fifty minutes of film. As an individual, I had life challenges too of trying to beat the odds and found myself relating to one of the circumstances of the character with mine. The film is motivational, and by the time I was done with it, it felt like the challenge I had by then was half solved.
Sincerely, the film was worth the time, despite just being a free-flowing interesting film. It had moral lessons; for example, we learn that in life, one should always know what one wants or waste their best years trying to forge a future that they cannot accommodate. It is also not always about getting good jobs and fair pay at other times, just being happy and contented with what one loves and enjoys doing.
How do you think the director pulled you into the world of this film
The director starts by emphasizing the strong relationship that the three friends had without us knowing the reason behind it; for example, Farhan cancels an important flight by faking to require a medical emergency. When he got an opportunity to disappear he grabbed that chance and tricked the cabman into driving him away. In contrast, Raju forgets his pants, leaves his sister unattended only after hearing of the whereabouts of their long-term friend, Rancho, and throughout their journey to meet him, they seem lost in thoughts, but through flashback, we came to understand why (Elley). The director has balanced the present time to give real-time events and uses flashbacks to dig deep and show us the friends’ underlying bond. Again, we are glued to the screen by fast-paced events that follow from the time Rancho joined the campus. A friendship just made itself from the refreshing outlook of Rancho. We are given a glimpse of ‘Silencer’’ another character with a background from Uganda. Do My Assignment For Me UK: Class Assignment Help Services Best Essay Writing Experts – Another captivating idea was how the director could run the whole movie by focusing on a bet that was placed, and the audience was always eager to know who won the bet. The bet was to see who will be more successful in life orchestrated by Silencer; after being embarrassed was the one who challenged Rancho to take it if he was not a coward.
Homework help: Write Online Essays Papers Homework for you – Analyse two narrative aspects of this film
The film setting is set in a college posing as ICE college, which gave the school setup impression, depiction,, and environment that the film wanted. It had lecture classes, dorms, shared bathrooms and piped water as an emergency if there was a water shortage. The main characters played a significant role in its success, such as Rancho, Farhan, and Raju. There were other supporting characters and made sure there was a flow in the storyline; one such example is Viru (one of the lecturer) who has a pen that signified a symbol of excellence and said for twenty-six years he has been looking for an exemplary student to pass the pen to but has never found one.
Homework help: Write Online Essays Papers Homework for you – Analyse two production design aspects of this film
The production design used was pretty good. The acting was quite convincing; for example, the actors selected to play students’ roles when the results were about to be released. Some students were trying to appease the gods by bribing god and others swearing they would never do the wrong things they have done in the past to get good results. It was relatable in real life here; students are usually anxiously awaiting the results. The costumes used were informal clothes, and this is the case with most colleges.
Homework help: Write Online Essays Papers Homework for you – Analyse two cinematic aspects of this film
The cinematic aspects used made the film convincing. The film used catchy music, which kept viewers glued to their screens. An example of music used is “all is well,” sang and danced to by Rancho, Farhan, Raju, and the rest of the students joined in while they were bathing. Soft music in the background is played in some scenes that back up the characters’ current emotions (Ians). In the lightning part, the film was mostly filmed during the day; this is evident from the few night scenes available during the show’s entire run. Most scenes during the day make it easier for viewers to see and understand significant parts of the show.
Who is telling the story?
The narrator of the story is Farhan, one of the three friends persuaded by his father to study engineering over his photography passion. His narration helps tie sections of the movie together. Through his narration, the viewers can connect the current and flashback sections of the film. The film is set 10 years apart when they were in college and the current position they are in. Through Farhan’s narration, we further see the show from his point of view, and he shows us how school life can be challenging and how one should always have an upright mind, good friends who help, and good decision making to help them get through life in school.
Who is likely to view this film?
The targeted audience for this film is the youth. The movie has very many moral lessons that the youth can learn, following the lives of the three friends portrayed in college and how they face the individual struggles to find their different life paths. With the help of his friends, Farhan realizes that his dream was not to become an engineer and only enrolled because of his parents. In the end, he discovers that he wants to become a photographer and that had been his passion all along, only that he did not realize it sooner. Being a comedy, the director expanded the targeted audience from youth to adults, and children can enjoy this movie. The whole family can enjoy this movie, and each member would benefit from one lesson from watching it.
What genre is this film?
The film’s genre is a combination of coming to age, drama, and comedy. The coming of age part is where we are shown Rancho, Farhan, and Raju’s transition from college life and the struggles they face into adulthood. In the end, we are shown what path each ended up following. The drama and comedy bit are mostly during their college life. Research Paper Writing Service: Professional Help in Research Projects for Students – One such drama instance is when we are introduced to the culture of initiating new students admitted to ICE college. The three friends break into Viru’s house, where Rancho confesses his feelings to Pia, Viru’s daughter, and they urinate in the compound. The comedy is aligned with the story, and a significant part of the film making comedy is used.

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