Real Simple — Write 6+ sentences about anything you watch or read below in the ‘Reply’ tab below. Or you can write 6+ sentences about what one of your classmates wrote about what they thought about the material below. You can organize your thoughts into prose or can just write what comes to mind about the topic. Why write a lot? Each time you write, you are getting practice. Universities are telling us this is one of the largest deficits in the students are they are increasingly not admitting. Write all you can here on the junior college level to get yourself ready for those university review committees. In the distant future, you are going to want to graduate school experience. A major aspect of the Graduate Records Examination (GRE) is an entire writing section. If you do not pass all parts of the GRE, you can not be admitted to graduate school. <--- Did you notice that I just wrote 6 sentences? I wrote this 'off the cuff' on how I feel about students writing as much as they can. It was not organized -- just me free writing in trying to convey a message to you. Do the same with these Discussion Postings. Just write whatever comes to your mind about the topic or what a classmate said about the topic. You will be graded on 6+ sentences -- not what sentences contain. You can do like your professor and even include photos and illustrations, if they will help get your point across. Thus, you can get as creative as you like. <--- Again, have you noticed that these are also 6 sentences? It is as easy as falling off a log to write 6 sentences, even easier to get carried away in what you write and do 10+ sentences per paragraph. SECOND DISCUSSION: What is money? Benjamin Franklin knew the answer. MAN GETS SHOT IN THE HEAD! AK47 TO THE FREAKING FACE - YouTube He is about to shoot his 'friend' over his friend hiding the other duffle bag of ill gotten money (below) in the attic, without telling him. About Ben Franklin's World - Ben Franklin's WorldDamn, you all there in the 21st Century will do any over fake green paper cloth that has my imagine on it. That fool is about to blow away his best friend over something with my face on it that is not real money in the first place. Well, with this Team project you are going to learn what we considered the purpose of money. But first, let us watch a couple of videos that show you what that is in the Adidas duffle bag that disgracefully has my face on it. Then you will open the article and read what I believe was real money. References From reviewing the videos, it seems they provide an interesting perspective on the history and operations of the Reserve system. A few key points discussed in the videos: The is a rather than a federal agency, private stockholders profit from its activities (Marrs, 2016). It was established in 1913 through questionable means, with many Congressmen voting for the Federal Reserve Act without having read it fully (Griffin, 2017). Through controlling interest rates and the money Federal Reserve wields enormous influence over the US and global economies for the benefit of large financial institutions rather than the American public (McMurtry, 2019). Some argue this private control of money creation and policy amounts to a fraud against Americans, with alternatives like government-issued currency proposed (Gonzalez, 2020). While controversial claims, these videos withiques from other sources have raised questions about the Federal Reserve's structure, and accountability. Certainly, people such a complex topic., the thought-provoking perspectives on and role of America's system

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