Environmental sustainability / Engineering / Project management The aim is to write a research proposal for an environmental sustainability project that includes a critical evaluation of the theoretical and methodological frameworks of the proposed investigation. It should make an meaningful contribution to engineering or project management knowledge in environmental sustainability. Research question: What is the priority of benefits that platooning should deliver to accelerate the investment in autonomous vehicles The research question is formulated for a qualitative approach. The research proposal should cover the following elements: – Epistemological standpoint – What theoretical perspective lies behind the methodology in the research question? (e.g. Interpretivism) – Research design – Which methodology governs the selection of research method(s) – What research method(s) are intended to be used during the study Furthermore, the research proposal structure should be as follows (should only be a guideline and can be modified): – Literature review (main literature in this area) – Purpose statement (purpose and aim) – Research question – Research methodology – Research method (reason, potential weaknesses, prior studies that have been carried out that use the proposed method) Journal source: https://pubs.acs.org/ but can also be extended

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