Questions to Consider 1. To what degree have high schools historically attempted to curtail teen smoking? 2. What motivated this initial effort: fear of fire in school, fear of life-long addiction, cost to the poor, tendency of teens to smoke to associate with other bad actors, and/or other reasons? 3. What impact did the report on smoking issued by Surgeon General C. Everett Koop have on high school efforts to prevent teen smoking/ 4. How did the tobacco industry respond to public concern about smoking among teen youth? 5. Was the introduction of filtered cigarettes and low nicotine cigarettes related at all to concerns about teen smoking? 6. Did school officials or police bear primary responsibility for enforcing smoking bans in school? How did the role of educators and police in policing teen smoking affect efforts by high schools to prevent teen smoking? 7. How did high school teens react to efforts to enlist them in various anti-teen smoking efforts such as enlisting underage teens in buying cigarettes from local vendors? 8. What do high school teenagers themselves think of anti-tobacco efforts by their high schools? 9. What role, if any, have parents or clergy played in such high school efforts? 10. How is the success of such programs measured? Have they been successful? references from any found on Google Scholar:

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