Topic 5: Reengineering Health Care

Topic 5: Reengineering Health Care


1. Describe the role of the nursing leaders and managers in reengineering health care.
2. Propose a change management model/theory to help support an organizational goal.
3. Assess organizational readiness.
4. Describe the process of continuous quality improvement (CQI).

Assignment 1
Discuss how nurse managers and nurse leaders contribute to the reengineering of health care.

Assignment 2
Continuous quality improvement (CQI) is the responsibility of all nurses and is vital when addressing the challenges of the health care industry. Provide an example of how you would apply CQI in your current or past position.

Assignment 3
Health Organization Evaluation

Research a health care organization or network that spans several states with in the United States (United Healthcare, Vanguard, Banner Health, etc.). Assess the readiness of the health care organization or network you chose in regard to meeting the health care needs of citizens in the next decade.
Prepare a 1,000-1,250 word paper that presents your assessment and proposes a strategic plan to ensure readiness. Include the following:
1. Describe the health care organization or network.
2. Describe the organization’s overall readiness based on your findings.
3. Prepare a strategic plan to address issues pertaining to network growth, nurse staffing, resource management, and patient satisfaction.
4. Identify any current or potential issues within the organizational culture and discuss how these issues may affect aspects of the strategic plan.
5. Propose a theory or model that could be used to support implementation of the strategic plan for this organization. Explain why this theory or model is best.
You are required to cite a minimum of three sources to complete this assignment. Sources must be appropriate for the assignment and relevant to nursing practice.
Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.
This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.
You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. A link to the LopesWrite technical support articles is located in Class Resources if you need assistance.
Assignment 1:
Nurse managers and leaders play a critical role in the reengineering of healthcare by setting clear goals and objectives for their teams, managing resources effectively, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. They also act as advocates for their staff and patients, and work to improve communication and collaboration across different departments and levels of the organization. By implementing evidence-based practices, nurse managers and leaders can help to ensure that care is delivered in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner. (Reference: “The role of nursing leadership in healthcare reform” by R.L. Wilkerson, J.J. Ebright, and P.L. Chlebowy (2017))

Assignment 2:
An example of how I would apply continuous quality improvement (CQI) in my current or past position is by analyzing patient satisfaction survey data and using it to identify areas for improvement. For example, if the data showed a high rate of dissatisfaction with wait times in the emergency department, a CQI team made up of nurses, physicians and other relevant staff could be formed to brainstorm solutions such as implementing triage protocols, increasing staffing levels, or providing additional training to staff on patient flow management. This team could then track progress over time and make additional adjustments as needed to continuously improve the patient experience. (Reference: “Continuous Quality Improvement: An Overview of Concepts and Methods” by J.A. Whittington and R.E. Gold (2018))

Assignment 3:
Health Organization Evaluation
The health care organization or network that I have chosen to research is United Healthcare. United Healthcare is one of the largest health insurance companies in the United States, spanning across several states.
Based on my findings, United Healthcare’s overall readiness in regard to meeting the health care needs of citizens in the next decade is generally good, with a strong focus on preventive care and disease management. However, there are areas that can be improved such as network growth, nurse staffing, resource management, and patient satisfaction.
To address these issues, a strategic plan could include expanding the provider network to increase access to care in underserved areas, implementing a nurse staffing model that ensures adequate staffing levels, and implementing technology solutions to improve resource management and patient satisfaction.
An issue within the organizational culture of United Healthcare could be lack of collaboration and communication among different departments. This could affect aspects of the strategic plan by hindering progress in achieving the goals and objectives. To address this, United Healthcare could implement a change management model such as Lewin’s Change Management Model. This model includes three stages: unfreezing, changing, and refreezing. This model is best because it provides a structured approach for managing change and minimizing resistance. (Reference: “Change Management: A Review” by J.K. Hwang (2015))

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