Types of Sentences

When you bring together a group of words that have a complete meaning then you construct what is known as a sentence. Basically a sentence contains a subject as well as a predicate. It is also good to note that a sentence can consist of a main clause and a subordinate clause or a main clause and a number of subordinate clauses. Normally there are different types of sentences. Before we get into the various forms in which sentences appear it is good to note that the objective that one ought to accomplish determines the kind of sentence that he/she comes up with. Specifically, the various intentions of writing a sentence include: relying information, showing extra emotion, asking a question and giving directions of what is supposed to be done. Highlighted below are the different kinds of sentences.

  • Research Paper Writing Service: Professional Help in Research Projects for Students – One of the four types of sentences is a declarative sentence. The main goal of this kind of a sentence is to pass across information. You can easily differentiate this sentence from the interrogative and exclamatory sentences because it ends with a period. In other words, such sentences make statements. It does not matter whether the given statement is an opinion or a fact.
  • Interrogative sentences. Just as the name suggests, the purpose of this unique type of sentence is to interrogate. In other words, such sentences ask questions. Going in line with this, they normally end with a question mark. Specifically, words such as “how” “when” and “what” are commonly used to start direct questions. It is also good that there are interrogative sentences that begin with a verb.
  • Exclamatory sentences. Similar to declarative sentences, exclamatory sentences make statements. However, it is good to note that this type of sentences expresses a strong emotion. Unlike declarative and interrogative sentences that end with a period and question mark respectively, an exclamatory sentence is punctuated by the use of an exclamation mark. A helpful tip of writing an exclamatory sentence is that you should avoid including them in academic papers.
  • The final type of sentences is imperative sentences. These sentences give a command or instructions to do something. Notably, these sentences are punctuated using a period or an exclamation mark when one wants to put more emphasize on the emotion. We are ready to offer you imperative sentence writing guidance Simply place your order at our firm and we promise you that you will not do it.
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