Answer the following questions cleat and concise using citations:

US Immigration policy biased? If so, How? Use examples to illustrate your argument.
• Explain the following components of the US Immigration policy:
a. Family Based Migration
b. Employment Based Migration
c. Per-Country Ceilings (Quotas)
d. Refugees, Asylum Seekers, Temporary Protected Status
e. Diversity Visa Program
• Do we need immigration reform? Why or Why not? What kind of Reform do you think we need?

War and Conflict:
• Identify two armed conflicts in which the United States is involved.
• What is the cause of this armed conflict and why is the US involved?
• How is the US involved? (Actual combatants, Supplying arms, technical assistance, proxy, etc.)

• Provide a brief description of the United States foreign policy towards Venezuela.
• How and why has it changed over the past five decades?
• What has driven this change?
• Does the United States have a right to interfere in the internal politics of other countries? Explain.

Libya and the Arab Spring:
What was the Arab Spring and what role did the United States play in it?
President Obama described Libya as his greatest mistake of his presidency. Explain what you think he meant by this.
What lessons do you think we can learn from the Libyan experience?

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