Use of Artificial Intelligence and Pharmacy Stores to Prepare Prescribines
The integration ofAI and robotics greatly impacted various industries by optimizing efficiency. pharmacy sector has also adopted these innovative technologies medication preparationensing. article how AIics are being utilized in to accurately and safely fulfill prescriptions
Many pharmacy have automated-disp that can count and prescribed medications (Miller, 2020). For example systems BD Rowa’s iPod and Omn XR use AI and vision to read prescription labels identify pill types and dosages. robots precisely count the correct number of from bulk containers them in packets or bottles for each patient. This automated counting and human error the medication preparation process.
Recent studies have found that robotic dispensing systems can fill presions on average three times technicians while achieving 99.99% (Miller, Poon et al). robots pharmacy staff to focus on complex tasks answering patient questions of spending time on repetitive counting andling duties. Automation also consistent high-quality when filling large volumes prescriptions
Artificial Intelligence for Medicationherence
AI being leveraged patients better manage and adhere to schedules., at the University of Pittsburgh developed an AI-powered pill bottle that can identify different medications, track dosing times, send reminders (Anthropic, 2022). a is system notifies pharmacy staff and prescribers so they on the patient and address any issues
Other AI adherence tools voice assistants, smartphone apps andable to dosing remind alerts. Some systems can even monitor for potential drug interactions by analyzing a patient’s medication list with their health records. This of AIpowered monitoring and communication aims to improve medication adherence rates, which is critical for chronic conditions and avoiding costly hospitalAnic, 2022; Poon et al., 2016).
Robot-Asspensing Consultations
While automated handle routine prescription filling,ists are still needed counseling and patients’ medical questions. Some pharmacies are now piloting use robot to deliver consultations expand access toMiller, 2020). For instance, at the University of Washington developed telemedicine robot PharmD that allows pharmacists to counsel patients at remote locations a video and movable camera on the.
In the future, more advanced may pharmacy ais deliver medications while pharmacists on complex clinical consult using the robot mobile video sensor technology. of-assisted tele could pharmacy staffages rural limited- (Miller,). robots may also pharmacist fatigue from long shifts spent mostly on their feet
The integration robot great promise for automating routine pharmacy enhancing medication safety andated dispensing systems can and accurately count andcriptions. AI tools provide dosing reminders monitor for drug side effects. assistants may help deliver remote pharmacy consult access As these advancing, they have the to pharmacy, improve health outcomes address issues like staffages.
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