Given the information presented, I would choose to focus on Maria Luna for individual counseling sessions.

Maria has experienced significant trauma throughout her life, including poverty, sexual assault, prostitution, and domestic violence. She also struggles with the cultural expectations of gender roles and has limited education and employment opportunities, which may contribute to her dependency on her husband. Additionally, she may be experiencing symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), as evidenced by her flashbacks and hypervigilance.

Maria’s trauma and PTSD symptoms may be impacting her ability to effectively parent Sofia, and her experiences with domestic violence could also put Sofia at risk for abuse or neglect. Addressing Maria’s trauma and helping her develop coping strategies may improve her ability to parent and promote a safer home environment for Sofia.

However, it is important to recognize that Sofia is also experiencing significant challenges, including developmental delays, poor attendance at school, and possible sexual behavior that could indicate abuse or neglect. It will be important for the therapist to monitor Sofia’s behavior and advocate for her safety throughout the therapeutic process.

Overall, while Maria would be the focus of individual counseling sessions, it is crucial to keep the larger family system in mind and consider the potential impact of therapy on all family members.

Counselor’s Name: Date:
I. Assessment
Discuss background characteristics, presenting complaints, history of the problem, and social and cultural considerations. Write My Essay | Papers Writing Service Online by Essay Hub Experts- Describe the differential diagnosis, including any related diagnoses that were considered and ruled out. Explain the legal and ethical considerations that are relevant to the client situation.

II. Case Conceptualization
Use your theoretical orientation to provide a concise summation of the client’s psychological strengths and difficulties. Integrate your client’s history with the theoretical orientation you have selected to support your explanation.

III. Treatment Plan
List two long-term treatment goals for client issues with at least two short-term objectives that are steps in how you plan to meet each goal. The objectives need to be specific and measurable and are driven by your theoretical orientation and the element you are asking the client to change (e.g., thoughts, feelings, actions, etc.)

Problem, Issue, Challenge, Obstacle, Symptom:
Treatment Goal 1:

Problem, Issue, Challenge, Obstacle, Symptom:
Treatment Goal 2:

IV. Interventions
Discuss how you will work toward the treatment plan goals. Base your interventions on the theoretical orientation you discussed in your case conceptualization. Be sure to use evidence-based practices that are supported by your research. Write My Essay | Papers Writing Service Online by Essay Hub Experts- Describe any referrals that you believe will be beneficial.

Create a section in your Crisis Response Portfolio called “Sexual Assault and Violence.”

Review the Case Conceptualization you created for this week’s Assignment.
Review local and national community resources for sexual assault and interpersonal violence to support and consider for a safety plan.
Use the Walden Library to find 3 evidence-based practices for working with trauma
Assignment: Part 4:

In your section called “Sexual Assault and Interpersonal Violence” of your Crisis Response Portfolio, include:

A safety plan example using the client in the case conceptualization from this module’s assignment.
Please remember that Maria in this case is a parent and you will want to address her as such by including safety of the child, both sexual abuse and domestic violence.
If you are working with the child, please include how you will work with Maria for safety planning with the child.
Please be sure to address sexual assault and interpersonal violence in your safety plan.
A brief summary of local and national community organizations that provide resources for sexual assault and interpersonal violence.
Term Paper Writing Service | Research Report Writing – Three Evidence-Based Practices (EBP) for working with trauma survivors.

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