View and analyze the movie Office Space (1999, rated R) oYour analysis will need to carefully isolate the organizational change story from other, potentially distracting, themes developed in the film, which might include romantic developments, personal growth, or getting cheap laughs. Watch the movie at your own risk. The film contains language, humor and sexual situations that you might find offensive. oAvoid the temptation of retelling the movie’s entire plot in your report. The assignment’s word limit will not allow for it, nor will doing so be relevant. Focus on the aspects related to organizational change. oProvide a description of the change event in question. Explain why the event(s) took place. Then characterize the challenges that the change posed to the individuals involved and for the organization as a whole. This characterization should draw explicitly on relevant material in Jones’ chapter 10. You will need to decide what concepts, themes, and arguments in Jones are helpful in interpreting the change situation you are exploring.

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