Week 7 Assignment: Review Personal Leadership Development Progress

Week 7 Assignment: Review Personal Leadership Development Progress
It has been reported in the literature that leadership is 90% human interaction and 10% performance. Review your leadership inventory assembled in Week 3, your examination of your professional and ethical standards in Week 4, and your interviews with a leader and a manager in Week 5. In the context of the 90% interaction/10% performance, consider the ratio of your professional interactions and your performance in a leadership role.
Broscio and Scherer (2014) reported that with the healthcare environment changing so rapidly, individuals need to be proactive in managing their career goals. In 2013, the American College of Healthcare Executives conducted a survey of its members asking whether members had a career plan. Only 28% of the respondents reported they had a plan (n=1,100).
Broscio, M. A., & Scherer, J. E. (2014). What’s your plan? Healthcare Executive, 29(6), 60-62.
In this assignment, you will reflect on your readings, assignments, and concepts capturing the essence of this course to plan for your future healthcare leadership career. As you review your development plan from Week 3, you can summarize your strengths and areas for development using a SWOT matrix.

Length: Minimum of 5 pages, not including the title page and reference page
As I reflect on my personal leadership development progress, I am reminded of the quote that “leadership is 90% human interaction and 10% performance.” This statement is significant because it highlights the importance of relationships and communication in effective leadership. Throughout this course, I have learned about various leadership styles, ethical standards, and the importance of career planning in healthcare leadership.

In week 3, I completed a leadership inventory that helped me identify my leadership style and potential areas for growth. Through this exercise, I discovered that my leadership style is primarily collaborative, and I tend to prioritize relationships with my team members. I also identified a need to work on my assertiveness skills and ability to make difficult decisions. These findings align with the 90% interaction/10% performance ratio mentioned earlier, as they indicate that my leadership style is more relationship-oriented than performance-oriented.

In week 4, I examined my professional and ethical standards in healthcare leadership. I identified the importance of values such as honesty, integrity, and accountability in leadership. I also learned about the ethical challenges that healthcare leaders may face, such as balancing the needs of patients with financial constraints. This week helped me understand that my interactions with others as a leader should be guided by strong ethical principles.

In week 5, I interviewed a leader and a manager in healthcare to gain insight into their career paths and leadership styles. Through these interviews, I learned that effective leadership requires strong communication skills, the ability to motivate others, and a willingness to take calculated risks. These conversations reinforced the importance of relationships and communication in healthcare leadership.

Based on these experiences, I have developed a SWOT analysis of my leadership development progress, summarizing my strengths and areas for improvement.


Collaborative leadership style
Strong communication skills
High emotional intelligence
Commitment to ethical principles
Openness to feedback and self-reflection
Areas for Improvement:

Assertiveness in decision-making
Confidence in taking risks
Ability to prioritize performance metrics while maintaining relationships
Understanding of financial management in healthcare
Proactive career planning
As I consider my SWOT analysis, I recognize that my strengths align well with the 90% interaction/10% performance ratio. However, I also see that there is room for improvement in my ability to balance relationships and performance metrics as a healthcare leader. Additionally, the healthcare industry is rapidly changing, and proactive career planning is essential to staying competitive and achieving career goals.

To address these areas for improvement, I plan to continue developing my assertiveness skills by practicing decision-making in low-stakes situations and seeking feedback from trusted colleagues. I also plan to take calculated risks by seeking out opportunities to take on new challenges and responsibilities in my current role. To improve my ability to balance relationships and performance metrics, I will prioritize regular check-ins with my team to ensure that performance goals are being met while maintaining open lines of communication. Finally, I will continue to educate myself on financial management in healthcare and seek out mentorship opportunities to help guide my career planning.

In conclusion, reflecting on my personal leadership development progress has reinforced the importance of relationships and communication in effective healthcare leadership. Through a SWOT analysis of my strengths and areas for improvement, I have identified specific actions to take to continue developing as a healthcare leader. By prioritizing proactive career planning and continued self-reflection, I believe that I can continue to grow and make meaningful contributions to the healthcare industry.

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