What are the best techniques that should be adopted to control social disorder in a society

Social order is vital in society. It not only ensures that there is peace but also coherence and a sense of belonging. Societies with high levels of social disorders are disorganized and create tension and fear among their people. Social disorders encompass crime and immorality. It also includes disorderly behaviors such as drinking and driving, recklessness and creating unnecessary noise and disturbances.

Societies have used different ways to control social disorders. In ancient times, communities used executions and exiles. They exiled criminals and executed them. Islamic nations also used public humiliation such as the beheading of criminals in public. This served as a warning to those who were planning to commit crimes in the society.

Although communities have used different techniques to control social disorder. Several techniques have proven to work well. First, creating clear rules and regulations and using the media and other outlets to publicize them. This makes it easy for people to know the rules and understand them.

Secondly, punishments have also proven to be an effective way of controlling social order. In the United States, social disorder is considered a misdemeanor. Other serious offenses committed in public places such as parks and government offices are considered a felony. There are different types of punishments for those who are disorderly. Some of them include; imprisonment, fines, parole and community service.

Also, training people on the rules and social norms of a society is an essential technique to use when controlling social disorder. This will enlighten them on the various values and norms of society. Using law enforcement agencies such as the police makes it easy to identify and arrest those who are perpetrating evil deeds.

Using prisons as correctional centers rather than places to punish those who execute criminal acts, is also another essential technique for getting rid of social disorder. Rehabilitating criminals particularly those with drug addiction problems prevents them from perpetrating more crimes. Punishing them will only harden them. This creates a higher chance of recidivism.

Maintaining social disorder is a collective duty. It takes the effort of the government, media, criminal justice system, and society. Law enforcement agencies are at the heart of this whole process. They play a role in identifying, arresting and collecting evidence to prove instances of social disorder. Punishing criminals, educating people on the rules and rehabilitating criminals are some of the best ways to adopt in maintaining social order.


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