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Read part one, Democratic Deterioration, in the Haas (2023) book
1. What are the causes of democratic deterioration in the United States?
2. What do you believe are the most worrying signs of “democratic backsliding”?
3. Do you believe that the biggest threat to the United States is the state of its democracy?
4. What do you think should be done to fix the flaws in American democracy?

“Democratic Deterioration”:
The causes of democratic deterioration in the United States discussed in the book include growing political polarization between the two major parties (Haas, 2023), weakening of democratic norms and institutions, and the prioritization of partisanship over compromise (Haas, 2023).
Some of the most worrying signs of “democratic backsliding” discussed are threats or acts of political violence, efforts to overturn legitimate election results, and the spread of disinformation (Haas, 2023).
Based on the analysis in the book, I believe the state of U.S. democracy is a major threat, as democratic deterioration and backsliding could undermine the stable functioning of government and resolution of conflicts through established political processes (Haas, 2023).
To fix flaws in American democracy, the book suggests steps like reducing political polarization, strengthening democratic norms and institutions, promoting bipartisan compromise, and addressing the spread of disinformation (Haas, 2023). Reform of campaign finance and voting laws may also help alleviate some issues (Haas, 2023).
In summary, the book finds that growing polarization, weakening of democratic guardrails, and the prioritization of partisan goals over the health of democracy itself have contributed to concerns about the stability of U.S. democratic governance. Addressing the root causes of these issues will be important to remedy flaws and strengthen the system.

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