lnclude any grant/funding information and a complete correspondence address. • What functions does project management software provide that you cannot do easily using other tools such as a spreadsheet or database?
Project management software provides a detailed and accurate report to track and complete any project that is underway. Many of the tools that are included in this kind of software will help budgeting, time management, and resource allocation. This kind of software can also calculate the cost of the projects in relation to the time it takes to complete them. For example, if there are five employees that need to complete a task that should only take them one day to complete, but a delay was caused because one of the employees got sick and could not come for one day, and the task that should have only taken one day is now taking a day and a half to complete. The project software will calculate how much money was lost because of the extra time it took to complete the task and give an account on when the project should be completed even with the delay. Other tools like excel or access cannot calculate these kinds of real world scenarios in an efficient way because they cannot give an account based on last minute changes.
• How do the different tools you reviewed compare, based on cost of the tool, key features, and other relevant criteria?
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• How do the different tools you reviewed compare, based on cost of the tool, key features, and other relevant criteria? The two different tools l have chosen are Asana and Mavenlink, Mavenlink is a project management software that includes many features like online support, email integration, and task management. These features make this software a complete package for business owners because with it they can use one piece of software to handle many different tasks and keep organized. The other project management software Asana is different because it is designed on the lOS and Android platforms and provides its clients with the portability that comes with having a mobile platform. This app is crucial to the business owners that are never in one location at a given time because the business requires him/her to be on the move constantly. This would be ideal for the contactor that is building a few homes at a time or a large structure since the environment that he/she is in isn’t ideal for computers. Even though the portability of Asana’s project management software is a huge benefit, because it is on a mobile platform is lacks some of the very important features that Mavenlink comes with like resource management and budget management. The pricing makes up for the differences between the features between the two, a Mavenlink subscription run about $19 a month and Asana has a very competitive price of only $10 a month but depending on the needs of the business one software may be detrimental to keeping a project on task or being able to complete it in a timely fashion. (Mavenlink. “Online Project Management Software l Mavenlink) & (“Asana.” Reviews of : Free Pricing & Demos : Project Management Software.)
• How can organizations justify investing in enterprise or portfolio project management software. Organizations can justify spending the $599 or $2 million for a piece of software because being organized and being able to complete a project in a timely and cost effective manner greatly increases the profits that can be gained. lf a project is able to be tracked throughout the entire process and one is able to make adjustments based on the information that the program can provide it can end up saving a business a large sum of money, which in turn the program has already paid for itself. Being able to control different aspects of one’s business is something that is desired above anything else, so if a software can help someone do that than the price is insignificant. (Retna, San. “Maximizing Return on lT lnvestments With Enterprise Portfolio Management)

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