Which cultural ethnic religious group are you studying

Section 1: Proposal: Identify the group you want to study (1 or 2 pages)

1- Which cultural/ethnic/religious group are you studying?
2- Why do you think it is important for us to learn about this group in this class?
3- Provide a brief background about the group as it relates to your paper
4- What do you want to learn about this group through your research? What is your specific research question?
5- Why is this question important? Why would people want to read about it?
6- What research method will you utilize to collect data/evidence to answer your research question? (Interview or participant observation?)

Section 2: Literature Review of existing sources through library research (2-3 pages)

1- What does the literature (published scholarly books and articles) say about this group and the research question you are trying to answer? What do we already know from previous work on this topic? At least 4 different academic sources should be included in your literature review. Make sure each source is cited properly and included in the bibliography section of your paper.

2- How will your research relate to the literature? (Are you trying to fill a gap in the existing literature? Are you trying to extend our knowledge beyond past research? Are you applying a theory to a new group?)

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