Essay Question: Why is it important to study ‘the world behind the text’ and ‘the world of the text’ in order to properly understand ‘the world in front of the text’? Your answer must be supported by specific examples from at least one (1) biblical passage. In your answer you must cite and properly reference a minimum of six (6) scholarly (i.e. peer-reviewed) resources. You are encouraged to draw on and extend beyond the resources you identified for assignment 1.

Comprehension and Understanding (LO: 1, 2 & 3; GA: 8, 9 & 10) Demonstration of a clear understanding of the key methodologies, content, context, and ideas related to a selected biblical passage – 30% of grade. Content and Research (LO: 2; GA: 8 & 10)
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Demonstration of proficiency in selecting, organizing, and structuring information relevant to the topic; statement of argument; logically structured argumentation; statements that indicate a smooth flow of ideas; informed conclusions; substantial originality in working through and resolving problems – 30% of grade. Secondary Sources (LO2; GA9, 10) Evidence of wide reading and appropriate engagement with a breadth of scholarship. Minimum of 4 scholarly sources used – 20% of grade. Communication and Style (LO: 3; GA: 9) Clear communication of ideas; accurate use of discipline specific terminology; correct grammar, sentence structure, spelling, paragraphing and referencing. For referencing consult the Theology Style Guide. This is available on LEO or from the link on the library referencing page – 20% of grade.
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