Windshield Survey Presentation (Audio & Visual)
Graded using Windshield Survey Presentation (Audio & Visual)
The Windshield Survey Presentation is a reflective presentation on the work completed this course. The presentation will include the criteria listed below:
A brief voice introduction that includes the definition of community health and community health nursing (Discussion Week 1). Briefly describe the public health or community nursing theory/model that can be used for a community improvement project (Discussion Week 2). Write My Essay | Papers Writing Service Online by Essay Hub Experts- Describe, briefly, the process in which community health policies are established and discuss how the planning process (Discussion Week 4). If you were to create a community improvement project, what would be the topic? (Week 5 Essay). Use information gathered from your Discussions, Essay, Windshield Survey, and Red Flag Assessment
A voice reflection on the public health or community nursing theory/model that you would use when writing a UK dissertation assignment pro papers masters thesis writing – creating a community improvement project (Discussion Week 2).
A voice reflection related to the results you found in your Red Flag Assessment and Windshield Survey (Red Flag Assessment Week 3, Discussion Week 6, Windshield Survey Week 6) . Compare and contrast the results. Are there projects already available in your area to improve the Red Flag areas? What are they? Are there any areas of risk identified from the Windshield Survey not addressed with already established community improvement projects?
A voice reflection to further elaborate on the creation of community improvement policies. Who in your community would you consider a leader? Is there any services in your community that you could work with to create a community improvement project? What would your goal with your project be? What challenges do you anticipate may occur? (Essay Week 5)
A voice reflection related to the three domains of learning and how they would be applied in your community improvement project (Discussion Week 4)
Reflect on how the course has shaped you as a professional nurse and community member to allow you to actively participate within your community.
Examine the use of community nursing in other countries;
What modalities do other countries use to deliver care to the community?
Is community nursing more common in other countries compared to the US?
What could the US learn from other counties and vice versa regarding the implementation of community nursing?
Conclude with what you would do differently if you could start over and what you learned from the experience.
(Audio and Visual Presentation)

Slide 1:
Title: Windshield Survey Presentation
Subtitle: Reflecting on Community Health Nursing

Slide 2:
Title: Introduction to Community Health Nursing
Voiceover: Community health nursing is a specialized field of nursing that focuses on promoting and maintaining the health of individuals, families, and communities. It involves assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating healthcare services to improve the health outcomes of the community.

Slide 3:
Title: Public Health or Community Nursing Theory/Model
Voiceover: The public health or community nursing theory/model that I would use for a community improvement project is the Social Ecological Model. This model takes into account the interrelationship between individuals, their social networks, and the physical and social environments in which they live. It emphasizes the need to address multiple levels of influence to create lasting change.

Slide 4:
Title: Process of Community Health Policy Establishment
Voiceover: Community health policies are established through a planning process that involves identifying community health needs, setting priorities, developing strategies to address those needs, and implementing and evaluating those strategies. The planning process involves collaboration with community stakeholders, including leaders, organizations, and residents.

Slide 5:
Title: Community Improvement Project
Voiceover: If I were to create a community improvement project, my topic would be increasing access to mental health services in underserved communities. This topic was inspired by my Windshield Survey and Red Flag Assessment, which identified a high prevalence of mental health issues in the community.

Slide 6:
Title: Reflection on Public Health or Community Nursing Theory/Model
Voiceover: The Social Ecological Model would be highly applicable to my community improvement project, as it would allow me to address the individual, interpersonal, community, and societal factors that contribute to poor mental health outcomes.

Slide 7:
Title: Reflection on Red Flag Assessment and Windshield Survey Results
Voiceover: My Red Flag Assessment and Windshield Survey identified several areas of concern, including high rates of mental health issues and limited access to healthcare services in underserved communities. There are some projects available in my area to address these issues, but more can be done to improve access to mental health services.

Slide 8:
Title: Reflection on Creation of Community Improvement Policies
Voiceover: In my community, I would consider healthcare providers, community leaders, and elected officials as potential leaders to work with in writing a UK dissertation assignment pro papers masters thesis writing – creating a community improvement project. My goal would be to increase access to mental health services, but I anticipate challenges related to funding and stigmatization of mental health.

Slide 9:
Title: Term Paper Writing Service | Research Report Writing – Three Domains of Learning and Community Improvement Project
Voiceover: The three domains of learning- cognitive, affective, and psychomotor- can be applied to my community improvement project. Cognitive learning would involve increasing knowledge and awareness of mental health issues, affective learning would involve changing attitudes and beliefs towards mental health, and psychomotor learning would involve developing skills to support mental health.

Slide 10:
Title: Shaping Me as a Professional Nurse and Community Member
Voiceover: This course has expanded my knowledge of community health nursing and has equipped me with the skills to promote and improve the health of my community. As a professional nurse and community member, I feel empowered to actively participate in community health initiatives.

Slide 11:
Title: Community Nursing in Other Countries
Voiceover: Community nursing is a common practice in many countries, particularly in those with universal healthcare systems. Modalities used to deliver care to the community include home visits, community clinics, and mobile healthcare units.
Slide 12:
Title: Learning from Other Countries
Voiceover: The US can learn from other countries about the importance of investing in primary healthcare and community nursing to improve health outcomes. Other countries can learn from the US about the benefits of community partnerships and collaborations

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