Write a 12 to 15 Page Paper (Double Spaced) in APA style which discusses a topic as it relates to the organization of information. Please be sure to include a reference page.

Cognition and Categorization – To fully understand the information search and retrieval interaction between the users and information systems/information space, researchers turn to cognitive theories and models. Human cognition is also essential for the design of user-centered taxonomies, ontologies, classification schemes. Indexing tools and other knowledge organization structures.

Write a review of the literature on your topic. This should cover at least 8 articles. Be sure to synthesize and compare the readings, and draw some of your own conclusions. You can also relate the topic to some real-world applications, either from readings or your own experience. This paper will be evaluated in terms of meaningful content and your ability to think critically and write clearly. The paper should be well organized with a logical progression of ideas.

Additional Important Information:
The 4 readings below have been attached and submitted along with these instructions. Please find 4 more articles to reach the total of the required 8 articles for this literature review. I have also attached a powerpoint presentation providing additional background information on the topic.

“Categorization in the Wild”, Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 12(4): 129-35, April 2008.

Hajibayova, Lala (2013). “Basic-level categories: A review” Journal of Information Science, 39(5): 676–687

Lakoff, George. (1987). Women, Fire and Dangerous Things: What Categories Reveal About the Mind (pages 1-12). Chicago: The University of Chicago Press.

Lee, Hyuk-Jin and Diane Neal (2010) “A new model for semantic photograph description combining basic levels and user-assigned descriptors” Journal of Information Science, 36 (5) : 547–565

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