Write a 500 word essay in which you sum up what you believe to be the major obstacles or barriers to communication on the job. Please type your essay, and be sure to double-space. Include your name, student number, program concentration (major), and year of study on the top left-hand corner of the first page.BASIC ESSAY FORMAT: INTRODUCTION. One paragraph that consists of a thesis statement and background information to understand the topic. This statement provides the main idea / your argument, and also conveys your purpose for writing. A three-part thesis statement can be very effective. BODY. Composed of at least three paragraphs, illustrating the main ideas and sub-ideas, with the use of strong topic sentences. CONCLUSION. One paragraph that wraps up or sums up the argument, offering no new information. The thesis is often restated here, but in a new way (ie. not in the same words)

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