Write a reading report on the article “the weakness of the crowds” that answers the following questions: 1.What is the main question or question this author is trying to answer? 2.What is the author’s main argument? 3.What important concepts are presented or developed? 4.What relevance does this text have to themes presented in this course? (Theme of this course is about science, technology and sociology. Only use one sentence on this question) 5.Does the author effectively convey their argument? 6.What are the weaknesses of the article/chapter? What are its strengths? 7.Identify 2 questions for a class discussion The link of the article is : https://limn.it/the-weakness-of-crowds/ Please use clear and straightforward writing style, do not use complex sentence structure or uncommon words. This is not a very formal assignment so no need to cite the sources.

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