Activity 1.1 ART-221 Course Common Assessment Exercise

Write a research report that summarizes and reviews the process, content, and outcome and proposes future avenues for research.
Report the research findings. Highlight why your idea is relevant and which aspects of your research findings your proposal responds to.
After summarizing the research findings, you will consider and critically review your own research process and the challenges you faced.
Your report writing should be proofread and corrected for spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

For your personal assessment your reflection should answer the following questions:

• What is the main research question? Support your statement with historical and visual evidence.
• What were your research findings? Present a brief analysis of the results, supported with visual evidence.
• How can this research inform a possible future project in the field of art and design? (CLO1)
• How has the teamwork furthered your individual research topic in art and design? (CLO2)
• How would you evaluate your individual contribution to the overall team project outcome? (CLO3)
Active Goals
Actions ID Goal Goal Set Name Category
ART_221_CLO_03 ART_221_CLO_03: Conduct a research project and defend the outcome to an informed audience. Course ART_221 ART_221
ART_221_CLO_01 ART_221_CLO_01: Apply research skills required in the field of art and design. Course ART_221 ART_221
ART_221_CLO_02 ART_221_CLO_02: Identify, evaluate and use appropriate information from multiple sources to respond to a variety of research questions. Course ART_221 ART_221
CA_BFAID_PO_03 CA_BFAID_PO_03: Critical Thinking: Define and analyze a given design problem, evaluate and test potential solutions, develop the project through a rigorous process, and defend the outcome (orally and graphically) to an informed audience. Program CA_BFAID CA_BFAID
CA_BFAID_PO_06 CA_BFAID_PO_06: Teamwork and Leadership: Exhibit character of supportive, flexible, trust, and self-reliance in a group setting to engage in the development of a successful outcome. Program CA_BFAID CA_BFAID
CA_BFAID_PO_01 CA_BFAID_PO_01: Theory and History of Art and Interior Design: Comprehend and employ historical cases and theoretical analysis as platform to initiate research design development in the context of human habitation in interior spaces. Program CA_BFAID CA_BFAID
ZULO_UG_01 ZULO_UG_01: Critical Thinking and Quantitative Reasoning: ZU graduates will be able to demonstrate competence in understanding, evaluating, and using both qualitative and quantitative information to explore issues, solve problems, and develop informed opinions. University Outcomes ZULO
ZULO_UG_05 ZULO_UG_05: Leadership: ZU graduates will be able to undertake leadership roles and responsibilities, interacting effectively with others to accomplish shared goals. University Outcomes ZULO

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