Your paper must be a minimum of 3 to 4 full pages that include paragraphs on the following: 1.) Write two paragraphs regarding your overview of Stanley/Black and Decker as the merged company headquartered in CT. 2.) Write two paragraphs regarding your impression of the market model you feel the newly formed company fits into.(Black and Decker and Stanley Works completed their merger in 2010)…please detail and support your impression using Economic terminology that we have learned throughout the semester. 3.) Write two paragraphs on the merger/acquisition and how Antitrust may have played into the company decision along with Horizontal vs. Vertical Mergers. (Also, do you feel the Recession pushed the merger along faster, why or why not) 4 .) The success or otherwise of the company in current Economic times in two paragraphs! 5.) The remaining paragraphs rounding out the final paper should summarize but should incorporate anything else from the Semester that you could align to the Company.

The guidelines include the following:

a.) You must use MLA formatting

b.) Please be judicious in choosing your sources; no fewer than 4

c.) Your paper must be double-spaced and submitted as an attachment in the submission area.

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