Unit 8 Discussion – Reflection. 800w.
Please respond to the following questions based upon these course objectives:

Assignment Help by UK’s No.1 UK Essays Writing Service | Homework Help Online in UK Coursework Help – Analyze nursing history to expand thinking and provide a sense of professional heritage and identity.
Studying nursing history can provide a sense of professional heritage and identity by helping to understand the origins and evolution of the nursing profession. It can also help to expand thinking and provide a deeper understanding of the social, cultural, and political factors that have shaped nursing practice and the healthcare system over time.

Some key events and developments in nursing history include:

The Nightingale Era (1850-1900): This period is named after Florence Nightingale, who is considered the founder of modern nursing. Nightingale established the first nursing school and implemented a number of reforms to improve the education and training of nurses.

The Era of Organization and Advocacy (1900-1950): This period saw the emergence of professional nursing organizations, such as the American Nurses Association (ANA), which helped to advance the profession and improve working conditions for nurses.

The Era of Social Reform and Professionalization (1950-1980): During this period, nursing became more focused on social and political issues, including civil rights, women’s rights, and patient advocacy. The nursing profession also became more professionalized, with an emphasis on education and research.

The Era of Technological Advancement and Globalization (1980-present): In recent decades, the nursing profession has continued to evolve and adapt to changing technological and societal needs. This has included an increased focus on evidence-based practice, interprofessional collaboration, and global health initiatives.

write my research paper owl essayservice uk writings. understanding the history of nursing, nurses can better appreciate the struggles and achievements of their predecessors and the role they play in shaping the future of the profession. It can also help to foster a sense of pride and professional identity, as well as inspire a commitment to ongoing learning and improvement.
Understand other health professions’ scopes of practice to maximize contributions within the healthcare team.
Use leadership skills to teach, coach, and mentor other members of the healthcare team.
Articulate a personal philosophy and framework acknowledging professional and accrediting agency competencies relating to the role and scope of practice of the advanced practice nurse.

For each of the learning objectives, provide an analysis of how the course supported each objective.
Explain how the material learned in this course, based upon the objectives, will be applicable to professional application.

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