Assignment Instructions – Assessment Part B

You are required to undertake an individual written paper related to a particular organisation of your choice. The overall aim is to evaluate ways in which changes within this organisation’s MACRO environment might impact upon its marketing strategies and activities.

You will be assessed on your ability to incorporate marketing theory:

Within an evidence-based scenario of a potential change in any of the MACRO environment forcesof your chosen organisation:

A) Critically evaluate the company’s strategies for:

Sustainable competitive advantage
Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (STP), and
B) Identify and critically assess two opportunities for growth within the organisation’s MACRO environments

C) Make clear linksto the marketing theory that underpin your work

D) Write a logical, well-presented, and accurately referenced piece of work

Advice on the practical application of theory

There is an expectation that you go beyond learning gained on the BMHPO module. This includes a need to conduct your own research into the key themes underpinning the questions above using the academic literature (e.g. journal articles and other credible sources).

You will need to briefly introduce your chosen organisation to familiarise the reader with the appropriate context. Detailed background to the company is not required and there are no marks awarded. You are being assessed on your reflections, interpretation, and application of marketing theory in practice and analytical reasoning using accepted academic practice and literature.

Guidance notes

Assessment B report is worth 50% of your total grade for this module. An essential feature of the report is to illustrate how marketing theoretical constructs or models can be critically analysed and applied to organisations in practice.
You are advised to read widely. In fact, unless you have read and referenced at least 10 discrete references, it is unlikely that you have done sufficient reading (you need to go beyond this to achieve higher marks).
This component is an academic assignment and should be written in an appropriate style (e.g. using 3rd person).
You are required to present your report using a clear coherent structure. A typical format will include an introduction, conclusion, and full reference list. Headings and subheadings may be used to make your work presentable.
The following font style, line spacing and page layout should be adopted:
Font type:


Font size:


Line spacing:


Layout orientation:


You are required to use the APA Paper Writing Service by Expert Writers Pro Paper Help: Essay Writing Service Paper Writing Service by Essay Pro Paper Help: Essay Writing Service referencing style (7th edition) throughout and can find guidance on this via the University Online Library Resources.
Beware of sources from the Internet (no Wikipedia or business balls).
Apart from reputable and academic references that can be downloaded through the Internet (commonly via the University Online library catalogue); most Internet references are not considered reliable for an academic piece of work. Academic journals generally offer a better source than textbooks.
Your word limit for this assignment is 2000 words(+/- 10%) and a word count should be provided on the front cover of your report. Students will be capped at a P1 where word count is in excess of 10% of the word limit.
Detailed marking criteria is available under the assessment section.
Assessment structuring including headings and subheadings may follow the marking criteria layout located under Assessment Assignment Help & Best Dissertation Writing Services – Oxbridge Essays UK PhD Thesis Writing – Assessment B.

Impact of MACRO Environment Changes on Marketing Strategies and Activities: A Case Study of [Chosen Organization]

Word Count: [Insert word count here]

This paper critically evaluates the strategies of [Chosen Organization] for sustainable competitive advantage, segmentation, targeting, positioning (STP), and branding. It explores the potential impact of changes within the organization’s MACRO environment on its marketing strategies and activities. Additionally, it identifies and assesses two opportunities for growth within the organization’s MACRO environments. The analysis is underpinned by relevant marketing theory and incorporates evidence-based scenarios. The paper is structured to provide an introduction, evaluation of marketing strategies, assessment of growth opportunities, and a conclusion.

1.1 Background of [Chosen Organization]

Evaluation of Marketing Strategies
2.1 Sustainable Competitive Advantage
2.1.1 Definition and Importance
2.1.2 Evaluation of [Chosen Organization]’s Strategies
2.1.3 Link to Marketing Theory

2.2 Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning (STP)
2.2.1 Conceptual Framework
2.2.2 Assessment of [Chosen Organization]’s STP Strategies
2.2.3 Link to Marketing Theory

2.3 Branding
2.3.1 Branding Strategies
2.3.2 Analysis of [Chosen Organization]’s Branding Strategies
2.3.3 Link to Marketing Theory

Identification and Assessment of Growth Opportunities
3.1 Analysis of MACRO Environment Forces
3.2 Opportunity 1: [Description of Opportunity]
3.2.1 Rationale for the Opportunity
3.2.2 Assessment of Feasibility and Potential Impact
3.2.3 Link to Marketing Theory

3.3 Opportunity 2: [Description of Opportunity]
3.3.1 Rationale for the Opportunity
3.3.2 Assessment of Feasibility and Potential Impact
3.3.3 Link to Marketing Theory



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