Number of Sources: 3 (to be identified upon selection of specific healthcare issue)

Paper Instructions:

This assignment analyzes recent presidential healthcare agendas and prepares a fact sheet advocating for a specific healthcare issue.

To Prepare:

Review Presidential Agendas: Research the healthcare priorities of the current and past two U.S. presidents.
Select a Healthcare Issue: Choose a health concern addressed by all three administrations.
Analyze Agendas & Resources: Reflect on the administrations’ focus and resource allocation for this issue.
Communication Strategy: Consider how to communicate the issue’s importance to policymakers.
The Assignment (3 Parts):

Part 1: Agenda Comparison Grid (1-2 Pages)

Template: Use the provided template to complete this grid, focusing on your chosen healthcare issue.

Grid Content:

Population Health Concern: Briefly describe the selected issue and contributing factors.
Administrative Agenda Focus: Explain how each administration approached the issue in their agendas.
Resource Allocation: Identify financial and other resources dedicated by each president.
Administrative Approach: Explain the specific strategies each administration used to address the issue.
Part 2: Agenda Comparison Grid Analysis (1 Page)

Analysis Prompts:

Lead Agency: Identify the administrative agency most suited to address this issue.
Agenda Access: Explain how this issue might gain and maintain attention on presidential agendas.
Issue Champions: Select potential champions (individuals or organizations) for the issue in each administration.

Part 3: Fact Sheet or Talking Points Brief (1 Page)


Importance of the Issue: Summarize why this healthcare issue deserves legislative attention.
Role of Nurses: Justify the significance of nurses’ involvement in healthcare policy advocacy.
Example Healthcare Issues:

Mental Health Access
Childhood Obesity Prevention
Chronic Disease Management

Upon selecting your specific healthcare issue, identify three relevant sources to support your arguments.
Note: This assignment provides a framework. Remember to tailor the details based on your chosen issue and research findings.

Sample template – use to write the final paper:
Agenda Comparison Grid Template

Use this document to complete the Module 1 Assessment Agenda Comparison Grid and Fact Sheets/Talking Points Brief.

Healthcare Issue


Administration (President Name)
Describe the administrative agenda focus related to this issue

Allocation of financial and other resources to this issue

Notes on Administration’s approach to the issue

General Notes/Comments

Which governmental body is most likely to assist in tackling the healthcare problem you’ve chosen?

How does the healthcare problem manage to make its way onto the agenda and maintain its position there?

Who spearheaded or supported the healthcare problem you’ve selected?

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