Briefly describe your chosen health inequity


The purpose of this assignment is to select two peer-reviewed journal articles that will discuss one health disparity (both articles will address the same health inequity i.e increased risk of poor health outcomes for deaf patients due to barriers in health communication). Before starting work on the health inequity assignment, ‘you must obtain instructor approval of your articles. Students will receive zero points for use of something other than peer-reviewed journal articles. Resubmission is strongly encouraged to receive oversight and subsequent approval but will not result in earning points back.

Technical Requirements:

100-200 words per article (not including citations)
12-point 8 Times New Roman font, double-spaced, 1-inch margins
Correct spelling, grammar, and sentence structure
Find two peer reviewed academic journal articles published in the last 3 years that relate to a |health disparity or health inequity in the United States
Note: Governmental publications, such as the MMWR, are credible but do not qualify as peer-reviewed journal articles. Peer-reviewed articles are a type of research that is externally reviewed for accuracy and content and published in a peer reviewed journal.
Cite the article in correct APA style format using in text citation and a reference page (see Canvas for APA Style Citation Guide}
Submit to the correct link in assignments. This uploads your paper to a plagiarism detection device. See plagiarism information under Institutional Policies.
Content Requirements:

Briefly describe your chosen health inequity

Article #1: Briefly state the main findings of the article including:
Article #2: Briefly state the main findings of the article including:
What was researched? (-1 – 2 sentences)

Why and how was the research conducted? (-1- 2 sentences)

What were the findings? (-1 – 2 sentences)

What was researched? (-1 – 2 sentences)

Why and how was the research conducted? (=1- 2 sentences)

What were the findings? (-1 – 2 sentences)

The health inequity that will be discussed is deaf patients experiencing communication barriers that negatively impact their access to healthcare and health literacy. These barriers can lead to poor health outcomes for deaf individuals.
Article 1:
Margellos-Anast, H., Estarziau, M., & Kaufman, G. (2006). Cardiovascular disease knowledge among culturally deaf patients in Chicago. Preventive Medicine, 42(3), 235–239.
This study researched the level of knowledge about cardiovascular disease risk factors and symptoms among 203 deaf adults in Chicago. A survey was conducted to assess participants’ knowledge. The findings showed low levels of knowledge about heart attack and stroke symptoms. Only 49% knew chest pain was a heart attack symptom and over 60% could not list any stroke symptoms. This suggests communication barriers may limit deaf individuals’ access to health information and education.
Article 2:
Iezzoni, L. I., O’Day, B. L., Killeen, M., & Harker, H. (2010). Communicating about health care: Observations from persons who are deaf or hard of hearing. Annals of Internal Medicine, 152(10), 656–662.
This study interviewed 31 deaf or hard of hearing individuals about their experiences communicating with healthcare providers. Barriers to effective communication like lack of interpreters and inaccessible health information were examined. The findings showed participants faced ongoing problems conveying health histories and asking questions during medical encounters. They reported not fully understanding diagnoses or medical instructions due to communication difficulties. This suggests the healthcare system is not adequately meeting the needs of deaf patients.

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