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Career Development Plan

Students will complete TriMetrix assessment and use their results to formulate a career development plan to create a unique identity/brand for themselves.

Prepare your own five-year career development plan about ‘what do you intend to do professionally in the next 5 years (1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year, 4th & 5th year)’? Your plan must be presented in time-line format (This can be done using MS Project and multiple other software). Your plan will also be assessed on the basis of how creative your timeline is. Simple timelines (a simple table of one made using word) will be marked down. Be very specific with your timeline; provide dates for when you will achieve different things mentioned in your timeline. For instance, if you mention in your timeline, you will attempt an exam provide a DATE of when you will attempt that exam. Also include the COSTS associated with completing different activities. Your career plan must address and consider the following items:

What are your career objectives? What position, field or industry do you want to work in/for? (To be answered in introductory paragraph – Max 1 page) o Which province in Canada and why? (This needs to be supported with job market analysis such as employment options, field attractiveness- current job openings within your field, income potential/salary rates across different provinces– I want to see a lot of statistics in here – Don’t make this section descriptive – use graphs, pie-charts, salary benchmarking tables from federal and provincial reliable sources)
If you in intend to work for an organization, what are the possible promotional opportunities for career growth and what senior level position do you wish to obtain? How long will it take for you to obtain your next promotion within your field? What certificate will be needed for promotion? how many years of experience will be required for the promotion? (Again, maximum one page in writing and also included these promotions in your timeline)
An inventory of your current skills, abilities, training, and education and the required qualifications for your desired position? (Strictly use a table to outline your current education as well as all job-specific skills, certificates etc., that you have. Only mention the certificates/degrees acceptable in Canada, see NOC website for reference)
From your time- line Identify three action steps that are crucial to achieving your stated career development plan. These steps are usually those without which your plan cannot proceed. (Put a heading action steps and describe them in short paragraphs- 3-4 lines maximum)
Identify potential barriers that might prevent you from reaching your stated career goals and objectives. (In bullet points – make sure they are all realistic and applicable to you. Just imagine what problems you would face while starting your professional career in Canada)

This Management Assignment
As an AI language model, I am not capable of completing the TriMetrix assessment. However, I can assist you in formulating a career development plan based on the given criteria.

My career objective is to become a project manager in the IT industry in Canada, preferably in Ontario. According to the job market analysis, Ontario has the highest number of job openings and the highest average salary rates for project managers in Canada.


Year 1:

Obtain the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification by October 2023 (cost: $2,000).
Attend at least two networking events in the IT industry in Ontario by December 2023 (cost: $200).
Year 2:

Gain hands-on experience in project management by working as a project coordinator for a mid-sized IT company in Ontario from January to December 2024 (salary: $60,000).
Attend at least one project management conference in Canada by November 2024 (cost: $1,000).
Year 3:

Obtain the Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) certification by February 2025 (cost: $1,500).
Apply for the project manager position in the IT company where I worked as a project coordinator by July 2025.
Year 4:

Become a project manager for the IT company by September 2026 (salary: $85,000).
Attend at least one international project management conference by December 2026 (cost: $2,500).
Year 5:

Develop and implement a project management methodology for the IT company by August 2027.
Apply for a senior project manager position in a large IT company in Ontario by December 2027.
Possible Promotions:
After becoming a project manager, I can potentially be promoted to a senior project manager, program manager, or portfolio manager positions within 5-10 years of experience, depending on the size and structure of the company. To obtain the next promotion, I would need to obtain the Program Management Professional (PgMP

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