Corporate Governance in Chinese Listed Companies: Compliance, Transparency, and Shareholder Protection

Corporate Governance in Chinese Listed Companies: Compliance, Transparency, and Shareholder Protection

Corporate governance plays a crucial role in the success and sustainability of listed companies. It encompasses a set of mechanisms and processes that ensure effective decision-making, accountability, transparency, and protection of shareholders’ interests. In the context of Chinese listed companies, understanding the key aspects of corporate governance, such as compliance, transparency, and shareholder protection, is vital for promoting investor confidence and maintaining a healthy business environment. This article aims to explore the current landscape of corporate governance in Chinese listed companies, highlighting the challenges and advancements made in the period from 2016 to 2023.

I. Compliance in Corporate Governance

Compliance with laws, regulations, and ethical standards is a fundamental pillar of effective corporate governance. Chinese listed companies have made notable progress in enhancing compliance practices over the years. A study conducted by Chen, Tang, and Jiang (2019) analyzed the impact of corporate governance compliance on the performance of Chinese listed firms. The findings revealed a positive relationship between compliance levels and financial performance, indicating that companies with higher compliance scores tend to exhibit better financial results.

However, despite improvements, compliance challenges persist. Xu and Wang (2017) examined the compliance behavior of Chinese listed companies in relation to environmental regulations. Their research highlighted the existence of information asymmetry and weak enforcement, which hindered effective compliance. Additionally, the complex regulatory landscape in China necessitates continuous efforts to ensure comprehensive compliance frameworks.

II. Transparency in Corporate Governance

Transparency is a cornerstone of good corporate governance, enabling stakeholders to make informed decisions. Chinese listed companies have been actively striving to enhance transparency in recent years. A study by Chen, Lu, and Zhang (2018) assessed the impact of corporate transparency on firm value in China. The results indicated a positive relationship between transparency levels and market valuation, suggesting that companies with higher transparency enjoy higher market value.

To promote transparency, China has implemented various reforms. For instance, the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) introduced the Corporate Governance Code in 2016, outlining guidelines for improved transparency practices. Moreover, the adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) has facilitated greater transparency in financial reporting. However, challenges such as information asymmetry and insufficient disclosure requirements still pose obstacles to achieving optimal transparency levels.

III. Shareholder Protection in Corporate Governance

Effective shareholder protection mechanisms are crucial for safeguarding the rights and interests of investors. Chinese listed companies have made significant efforts to enhance shareholder protection in recent years. Research by Huang and Zhang (2016) examined the impact of corporate governance on shareholder protection in China. The study revealed that companies with stronger governance structures and higher board independence tend to provide better shareholder protection.

China has implemented reforms to enhance shareholder rights. For example, the revised Company Law of 2018 introduced measures to strengthen shareholders’ ability to file derivative lawsuits and protect their interests in related-party transactions. Additionally, the CSRC has been actively promoting the establishment of investor protection funds to compensate shareholders for losses caused by misconduct. Despite these advancements, ongoing challenges related to minority shareholder rights and enforcement mechanisms remain areas of concern.


Corporate governance is of paramount importance in Chinese listed companies, contributing to their overall performance, investor confidence, and sustainable development. Compliance, transparency, and shareholder protection are key pillars that require continuous attention and improvement. While progress has been made, challenges such as information asymmetry, weak enforcement, and minority shareholder rights persist. By addressing these challenges through comprehensive reforms and effective implementation, Chinese listed companies can foster an environment of trust, attract more domestic and international investments, and strengthen their position in the global business landscape.


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