Disaster Management. Review the information provided at the following link: https://www.ready.gov/disability
Imagine you are an emergency manager with a high number of people with disabilities in your community.
Select a patient with disabilities from the list below and create an emergency plan for this patient from the resources you can locate within your own community.
Put this emergency plan on a one-page flyer that you can use to educate people within your community who have a family member with this disability. Be creative and have some fun with designing this flyer.
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> An individual who is deaf or is hard of hearing

> An individual who is blind or has low vision

> An individual with Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease

> An individual who is wheel-chair bound

> An individual who has developmental or intellectual disabilities

> An individual with speech difficulties

Emergency Plan for an Individual Who is Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Emergency Contact Information:

Phone Number:
Communication Plan:

Have a pen and paper or a whiteboard and marker available to write messages back and forth
If possible, use a text messaging service or video call service that provides captions or sign language interpretation
If emergency services need to be called, use a relay service or video relay service to communicate with the operator
Evacuation Plan:

Make sure the individual has a personal emergency kit with important documents, medications, and communication devices
Identify a safe location and a primary and secondary evacuation route that the individual can use
Assign a designated person to help guide the individual to safety if needed
Make sure the individual knows the evacuation plan and has practiced it
Community Resources:

Identify local organizations that specialize in serving people who are deaf or hard of hearing
Connect with emergency services in the community to ensure they have resources and training to effectively communicate with people who are deaf or hard of hearing
Promote community preparedness and awareness through workshops, events, and training sessions
Need first-class papers? Get Fast Essay Writers US & urgent essay writing service Ca – Note: It is important to remember that emergency plans should be personalized to meet the unique needs of each individual. This flyer is meant to provide general guidance and should be customized based on the specific needs of the individual who is deaf or hard of hearing.

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