Effective leadership in nursing is essential

Leadership 203
Case Study
The literature review is assigned to introduce the nursing student to evidence-based research, using online
databases to search scholarly references, and writing scholarly work in APA format.
Student Learning Outcomes
This assignment enables the student to meet the following student-learning outcome:
● SLO 12: Integrate respect for differences in beliefs and values of others as a critical component of
nursing practice.
● SLO 21: Describe workforce strategies that support efficient and effective quality patient care and
promote improved work environment for nurses.
This assignment is worth 100 points and 10% of your entire grade.
Criteria for Format
1. Paper (excluding title page, appraisal of literature chart, and reference page) at least 2-3 pages.
2. The paper should include an introduction, body, and conclusion.
3. Times New Roman 12 point.
4. Minimum of 3 scholarly references must be used. References must be current within the past 5 years or
5. Title, body, and reference page must follow APA guidelines.
6. Citations and references must be used.
7. As per the APA manual (7th edition) rules of grammar, spelling, word usage, and punctuation apply.
8. Paper will be graded based on the quality of information, use of citations, grammar, and sentence
Appraisal of Literature Chart
Article Database Study Type Peer Reviewed
Level of
Grading Rubric
Category Exemplary Proficient Sufficient Unsatisfactory


Effective leadership in nursing is essential for ensuring that patients receive quality care and achieving positive outcomes. The purpose of this literature review is to explore evidence-based research on nursing leadership and its impact on workforce strategies, quality patient care, and nurses’ work environment. The review will be conducted using online databases to search for scholarly references, and the writing will be presented in APA format. The student-learning outcomes for this assignment are to integrate respect for differences in beliefs and values of others as a critical component of nursing practice and to describe workforce strategies that support efficient and effective quality patient care and promote improved work environment for nurses.

Analysis and Reflection:

Nursing leadership has a significant impact on patient outcomes and the overall work environment. Effective leadership ensures that nurses are empowered to deliver quality patient care, improve patient satisfaction, and reduce errors (Cummings, Hayduk, & Estabrooks, 2012). Moreover, the leadership style of a nurse manager influences the work environment, staff retention, and patient outcomes (Malloy & Penprase, 2010). According to Scott and Caress (2018), an autocratic leadership style may lead to decreased job satisfaction, while a transformational leadership style may increase job satisfaction and motivation.

Based on this literature review, I believe that transformational leadership is the most effective style of leadership for nurses. A transformational leader inspires and motivates nurses to perform to their highest potential, fostering an environment of collaboration and teamwork. Additionally, a transformational leader promotes staff development and recognizes the achievements of their team, which can lead

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