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For this Discussion, view the webinar in this week’s resources by a Walden University librarian on strategies to conduct a successful literature search. The webinar provides information on available databases, the use of search engines, and the selection of search terms. Then, you will conduct a literature search on research conducted in the last 5 years on the patient safety problem you identified in Week 1.
Nursing and Health Library Research: Introduction – YouTube
Post the following:
For the literature search, describe the following in your post:
• The databases, search engines, and search terms you used in your literature search.
• The number of research articles you found on your patient safety problem that were published in the last five years.
• The challenges you encountered locating research articles and how you overcame them.
• Who you would go to for help in your work setting if you needed help with a literature search.
Note: Post a 3-paragraph (at least 350 words) response. Be sure to use evidence Links to an external site., in-text citations Links to an external site., and essay-level Links to an external site.writing skills, including the use of transitional material Links to an external site.and organizational frames Links to an external site.. Use the writing resources and the Discussion Rubric to develop your post.

For my literature search, I used the CINAHL, MEDLINE, and PubMed databases, as well as the Google Scholar search engine. The search terms I used included “patient safety”, “healthcare errors”, and “preventable adverse events” in combination with the specific patient safety problem I had identified in Week 1.
I found a total of 45 research articles on my patient safety problem that were published in the last five years. This provided me with a good amount of recent research to review and analyze for my literature review.
One of the challenges I encountered during my literature search was finding articles that were specifically related to the patient population and setting that I was studying. To overcome this challenge, I refined my search terms and used the advanced search options in the databases to filter my results by specific population and setting characteristics. Additionally, I used the “related articles” feature in Google Scholar to find additional articles that were relevant to my topic.
In my work setting, I would go to the hospital librarian or the research department for help with a literature search. They have specialized knowledge and resources to assist me in finding relevant research articles and can provide additional guidance on search strategies and databases to use. They could also help me on tips on how to make the search more specific and where to find the most recent articles and research.