Global Telehealth: Meeting Expectations

Global Telehealth: Meeting Expectations

The advent of social media and the increasing demand for medical services have led to significant transformations in healthcare delivery worldwide. Telehealth, with its efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and accessibility, has revolutionized healthcare by enabling healthcare providers to deliver high-quality care to clients remotely (Kim & Zuckerman, 2019). According to Kim and Zuckerman, the rise in chronic diseases and the need for patient engagement and education have contributed to the growing demand for telehealth services (2019). Through telehealth, patients from all corners of the globe can improve self-care, monitor their health, and manage chronic conditions (Kim & Zuckerman, 2019). Furthermore, Kim and Zuckerman highlight the potential of telehealth applications to create a globally interconnected health network capable of responding to humanitarian crises (2019). For instance, during the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth services played a crucial role in case detection, patient management, vaccine availability updates, and more (Ombon et al., 2022).

Despite the numerous benefits of telehealth, several barriers hinder its widespread adoption and access. Ombon et al. discuss these barriers, which include the absence of telehealth-enabling policies, insufficient healthcare coverage for telehealth services, patient privacy concerns, inadequate training for healthcare providers, limited patient awareness of telehealth options, and technological, infrastructural, and economic disparities among countries and population subgroups (2022). Recognizing these limitations is essential for healthcare professionals to advocate for the establishment of supportive legislation, improved reimbursement for telehealth coverage, ongoing training and education for healthcare providers, and increased awareness of telehealth services among the population. Such efforts can enhance access to telehealth and improve the overall quality of life for individuals globally.

In conclusion, the emergence of telehealth has revolutionized healthcare services on a global scale. Its efficiency, cost-saving potential, and accessibility have enabled healthcare providers to offer high-quality care remotely. Moreover, telehealth applications hold the promise of establishing a connected global health network capable of responding to humanitarian crises. However, barriers such as the absence of enabling policies, limited healthcare coverage, privacy concerns, inadequate training, and disparities among countries and populations still hinder the widespread adoption of telehealth. To overcome these challenges, it is crucial for healthcare professionals to advocate for policy changes, improved reimbursement, training initiatives, and increased awareness. By addressing these barriers, the global community can unlock the full potential of telehealth, ultimately improving access to care and enhancing the well-being of individuals worldwide.


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