In the following video, Hannah Fry discusses the basic elements of the mathematical theory and her tips for finding love. Can a healthy marriage be predicted? Can a divorce be predicted? What are the components of a successful marriage? Explain.

In the video, Hannah Fry discusses how mathematical theory can be used to predict the success of a marriage. She argues that while predicting the success or failure of a marriage with 100% accuracy is not possible, there are certain factors that can be used to make predictions with a reasonable degree of accuracy.

Fry explains that one of the most important factors is the “Gottman ratio,” which is the ratio of positive interactions to negative interactions between a couple. According to Fry, couples with a Gottman ratio of around 5:1 (i.e., five positive interactions for every one negative interaction) tend to have successful marriages. On the other hand, couples with a Gottman ratio of less than 1:1 tend to have a higher risk of divorce.

Fry also discusses the importance of shared values and interests in a successful marriage. Couples who share common goals and values tend to have stronger and more fulfilling relationships. Additionally, she notes that physical attraction and sexual compatibility are important components of a successful marriage.

While Fry acknowledges that predicting the success or failure of a marriage is not an exact science, she suggests that focusing on these key factors can increase the chances of a successful and fulfilling relationship.

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