Name of course: Consumer Health and Public Health Systems.
PDF textbook attached to get information on class materials.
For this activity, you will need to attend a city council meeting in the city of your choice (you must attend the meeting in person to understand the entire depth of what takes place and the feeling of a city council meeting). Pay special attention to the topics discussed in the meeting and what topics seem to be pertinent to the city council members as well as the community members. You will then write a reflection paper regarding your experiences, including the date of the meeting and the city. The reflection paper should include information regarding your experiences and how they relate to this class’s material. The reflection paper should be 3-5 pages, double-spaced, in 12-point Times New Roman font. DUE TO COVID, YOU WILL WATCH A RECORDED MEETING TO COMPLETE THIS ASSIGNMENT.
Here is the link to a recorded meeting:

Reflection Paper on City Council Meeting

I attended the City Council meeting for the City of Mountain View, California on March 8, 2023. The meeting was held at the City Hall, which is located at 500 W. El Camino Real. The meeting started at 7:00 PM and lasted for approximately two hours.

The meeting agenda included a variety of topics, including:

A presentation on the city’s budget for the upcoming fiscal year.
A discussion of the city’s plans to address homelessness.
A public hearing on a proposed ordinance to ban smoking in public places.
A vote on a resolution to support the construction of a new library.
I was particularly interested in the discussion of homelessness. The city council members heard from a number of people who are experiencing homelessness, as well as from representatives of local organizations that provide services to people experiencing homelessness. The council members expressed their concern about the issue of homelessness and committed to working with local organizations to find solutions.

I was also impressed by the level of public participation in the meeting. There were a number of people who spoke during the public comment period, and their comments were thoughtful and well-informed. The city council members listened attentively to the public comments and took them into consideration when making their decisions.

Overall, I was impressed by the City Council meeting. The council members were engaged and thoughtful, and they seemed to be genuinely interested in hearing from the public. I believe that the meeting was a valuable opportunity for the community to come together and discuss important issues.

The topics discussed in the meeting were relevant to the class’s material on consumer health and public health systems. The discussion of homelessness, for example, highlighted the importance of access to affordable housing and healthcare. The discussion of the city’s budget also highlighted the importance of funding for public health programs.

I believe that attending the city council meeting was a valuable learning experience. It gave me a better understanding of how local governments work and how the public can participate in the decision-making process. I would encourage others to attend city council meetings in their own communities.

In addition to the topics discussed in the meeting, I was also struck by the following:

The diversity of the community members who spoke during the public comment period.
The respectful tone of the discussion, even when people disagreed with each other.
The commitment of the city council members to addressing the concerns of the community.
I believe that these are all important qualities for a healthy democracy. I am grateful for the opportunity to have attended the city council meeting and to have learned more about how my community works.

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