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A3 poster template on Ilearn
1000 words + 10% 1100 words.
15-minute audio narrated
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Find images
Background and theories
The poster must include details of the origins of health promotion-john snow pump, Edwin Chadwick- report, industrialisation.
key theories and approaches which inform health promotion.
Medical model
Health belief model
Empowerment model
Educational model.
Behavioural model
150-200 words
Why are you carrying out the HP activity? (NHS digital all data)
Details provided of the planning process of the intervention-How you will plan it? individual/community/societal-local, regional/national
150-200 words
Campaign (EBP)
Population (Sample)-Age, ethnicity, gender, class, disability.
Specific intervention(s)-health cooking classes/shopping-Education/Behaviour/Empowerment
how you intend to implement it successfully-social media, community centres, doctors surgeries-how do you get the message to your population group.

Use evidence based approach -Academic evidence-NHS/Gov/Org to writing a UK dissertation assignment pro papers masters thesis writing – creating this campaign, demonstrating creativity and innovation-social media campaign, data, images.
350-400 words
Ethical consideration in relation to your topic and sample-Lesson 2 PPT-left or right -Politics
E.g-individual rights and government input.
100-150 words
How you’ll evaluate the outcomes-
What was good about your campaign?
What you would do to change your campaign to improve it?
250 words
Summarise your findings-What did you find?
100 Words

Health Promotion Campaign on Obesity

Obesity has become a major public health concern worldwide, with significant implications for individual and societal well-being. This assignment focuses on developing a health promotion campaign to address obesity. The campaign aims to raise awareness about the causes, consequences, and prevention of obesity, and promote healthy lifestyles. This A3 poster template, 15-minute audio narration, and a 1000-word report, including 10% (1100 words), will provide a comprehensive overview of the campaign.

Background and Theories:
The origins of health promotion can be traced back to key events and individuals who recognized the importance of promoting health. The work of John Snow and the Broad Street pump incident, Edwin Chadwick’s report on the social determinants of health, and the impact of industrialization are crucial milestones in health promotion history. Additionally, this poster will highlight key theories and approaches that inform health promotion, such as the medical model, health belief model, empowerment model, educational model, and behavioral model.

The rationale behind carrying out this health promotion activity is based on data from NHS Digital, which shows a rising prevalence of obesity and its associated health risks. The planning process will involve considering interventions at various levels, including individual, community, and societal. Strategies will be designed to target specific populations based on age, ethnicity, gender, class, and disability. The interventions will primarily focus on health cooking classes, nutritional education, and empowerment activities.

Campaign (EBP):
The campaign will employ evidence-based practices by utilizing academic evidence from reputable sources like the NHS, government organizations, and relevant research institutions. Creativity and innovation will be incorporated through the use of social media platforms, community centers, and doctors’ surgeries to effectively disseminate the campaign’s message. The campaign will include compelling visuals, data-driven messages, and interactive elements to engage the target population.

Ethical considerations will be taken into account throughout the campaign. Individual rights and government input will be balanced to ensure that interventions are respectful, inclusive, and non-stigmatizing. Privacy and confidentiality of participants’ information will be maintained, and consent will be sought before collecting any personal data.

Evaluation of the campaign outcomes will be conducted using both qualitative and quantitative methods. Data will be collected to assess changes in knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors related to obesity. The strengths of the campaign lie in its evidence-based approach, innovative use of social media, and targeted interventions. To improve the campaign, greater collaboration with local stakeholders and sustained follow-up strategies could be implemented.

This health promotion campaign on obesity aims to raise awareness, educate, and empower individuals and communities to make informed choices about their health. write my research paper owl essayservice uk writings. utilizing evidence-based approaches, targeting specific populations, and employing creative strategies, the campaign seeks to address the obesity epidemic and improve public health outcomes.

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