Choose three (3) questions to answer. Each answer should be one typed double-spaced page in length.
Indicate, in full, by question number, the question you are answering. You do not have to copy out the question. Submit your answers in order. Your answer to each question is expected to be about one typed double-spaced page in length. You must use complete sentences and proper grammar. Use a typical font and size (we can tell if you change the margins in order to submit a longer answer!).
Answer questions in your own words using your own examples rather than those of the text. If Canadian data is available, be sure to include it in your answers. References are not required because the only source needed to answer these questions is your text. If you do use outside sources, then you must provide the full citation; you will not improve your mark, however, by using outside references.
1. Prepare advice for new parents on promoting a secure attachment and avoiding stranger anxiety.
2. Suppose that you are a Grade 3 teacher with a class of 8- and 9-year-olds. Research Paper Writing Service: Professional Help in Research Projects for Students – One of the goals set by your school district is to improve children’s role-taking skills. Explain why such a goal might have been made a part of the “directive” to teachers. Then describe two ways you might go about fostering improvement in role taking.
3. College Superior Papers Dissertation Writing: University Superior Essays Online Coursework Writers – Outline Kohlberg’s cognitive-developmental view of sex-role development, and briefly discuss:
1. basic gender identity
2. gender stability
3. gender consistency
4. Suppose you were given the assignment of developing guidelines for ways that the teachers in the high school where you work could foster more mature moral reasoning in their students. Based on the material you have studied, what suggestions would you offer?
5. Suppose you were asked to give a presentation to a group of parents-to-be who are participating in a prepared-childbirth class. Your topic is “effective parenting” or, put another way, “how to raise an energetic, friendly, cooperative, independent, self-reliant child.” Based on the material presented on various styles of parenting and child behaviour outcomes, what points would you stress to these parents-to-be? Provide a rationale for each of your choices.
6. A work colleague asks for your advice on whether School A or School B is the best choice in which to enroll her son. Using your knowledge of the research evidence that bears on the specific factors that influence school effectiveness, what would you advise?
See the Assignment Schedule for the due date.
Submit using the Dropbox.

How can a public health professional demonstrate core competencies in planning for program sustainability?
As a public health professional, there are several core competencies that must be demonstrated when planning for program sustainability. These include:

Knowledge of the program’s target population and their health needs: A public health professional must have a thorough understanding of the target population and their health needs in order to develop a program that meets those needs and has a chance of sustainability.

Understanding of the community’s resources: A public health professional must be aware of the resources available in the community and how to use them effectively. This includes understanding the existing infrastructure, political landscape, and funding sources that can support the program.

Knowledge of program planning and implementation: The public health professional must be skilled in the process of program planning and implementation, including project management, program evaluation, and resource allocation.

Effective communication skills: Communication is critical to program sustainability. A public health professional must be able to effectively communicate with stakeholders and partners, including program participants, funders, and other partners. This includes the ability to clearly articulate the program’s goals, objectives, and impact, and to effectively negotiate any challenges that may arise.

Understanding of program evaluation: Evaluation is a key component of program sustainability. A public health professional must be able to design and implement evaluation methods to assess the effectiveness and impact of the program. This includes being able to interpret evaluation results and use them to make data-driven decisions.

Cultural competence: A public health professional must be culturally competent and able to effectively work with diverse populations. This includes understanding cultural differences, beliefs, and practices, and being able to work with communities to develop programs that are culturally appropriate and effective.

Flexibility and adaptability: Programs may face unexpected challenges or changes, and a public health professional must be flexible and adaptable in order to respond to these changes and ensure the sustainability of the program.

These core competencies are essential for a public health professional to demonstrate in order to successfully plan for program sustainability. write my research paper owl essayservice uk writings. possessing these competencies, public health professionals can ensure that programs are well-designed, effectively implemented, and have a lasting impact on the health of the community.

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