Marriage and the Family

Directions for Assignment

Create a Newsletter by finding and using a template on Microsoft Word. Inform the public about two challenges associated with transgender. This should be an informational report to enlighten readers. Do not use Publisher or any other program to create Newsletter. See Sample under the Professor’s information tab.


a) Volume, Issue, and date

b) Two APA Paper Writing Service by Expert Writers Pro Paper Help: Essay Writing Service Paper Writing Service by Essay Pro Paper Help: Essay Writing Service citations AND references, so that readers can further explore these challenges.

c) At least 2 Pictures

d) Titles and Subtitles

e) Several Columns

f) No less than 2 pages

g) Remember you need to write about two challenges


Course Materials: Lamanna, Mary Ann and Agnes Riedmann. Marriages and Families, 13th ed. Cengage, 2018.ISBN: 978-128573697-6

(LGBTQ+ Supporter)
Transgender children know their identity in the same way that all people know who they are. Trying to teach a trans child to behave opposite of their identity is harmful and reinforces negative feelings about their body. It’s important to keep family informed and involved in the child’s journey, educate them and the school, and prepare for potential issues in school and dating. Decisions about surgery are entirely up to the family. It’s important to educate and equip the child with the tools to build strong relationships.

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