Learning and Social Learning Theory

Based upon the conclusions made by these authors and what you now know about both Learning and Social Learning Theory, what recommendations would you make to parents about video games? What recommendations would you make to video game developers? http://www.apa.org/pubs/journals/releases/bul-136-2-151.pdf

After reviewing the article, “Violent Video Games and Aggression: A Review of the Literature,” by Elson and Ferguson, and considering what we know about learning and social learning theory, I would make the following recommendations to parents and video game developers:

Recommendations to Parents:

Be aware of the content of the video games your child plays. Look for games that are age-appropriate and do not contain excessive violence or aggression.

Limit the amount of time your child spends playing video games. Encourage them to engage in other activities that promote social interaction, physical exercise, and cognitive development.

Discuss with your child the potential impact of violent video games on their behavior and emotions. Encourage them to think critically about the messages conveyed in the games they play.

Monitor your child’s behavior and emotional responses after playing video games. If you notice any negative changes, such as increased aggression or irritability, consider limiting their exposure to violent games or seeking professional help.

Recommendations to Video Game Developers:

Consider the potential impact of violent content in your games. While it may increase excitement and engagement, it may also contribute to negative behaviors and emotions in some players.

Explore alternative ways to create engaging gameplay that does not rely on violence or aggression. Consider incorporating elements of cooperation, problem-solving, and creativity into your games.

Develop games that encourage social interaction and positive role modeling. Games that promote empathy, kindness, and cooperation can have a positive impact on players and society as a whole.

Consider providing resources for players and parents to help them understand the potential impact of video games on behavior and emotions. This could include information on how to manage screen time, the importance of social interaction, and how to recognize and seek help for negative changes in behavior or emotional responses.

The key message is to encourage responsible and mindful video game use for both parents and developers, while also considering the potential impact of video games on behavior and emotions.

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