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A patient with Parkinson’s disease has a nursing diagnosis of Impaired Physical Mobility related to neuromuscular impairment. You observe a nursing assistant performing all of these actions. For which action must you intervene? Discuss
As a nursing professional, it is important to monitor and intervene when necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of patients, particularly those with Parkinson’s disease. In this scenario, a nursing assistant is observed performing actions related to assisting a patient with impaired physical mobility. Research Paper Writing Service: Professional Help in Research Projects for Students – One of these actions requires immediate intervention, and that is “Assisting the patient to stand up by pulling on their arms.”

According to a study published in the Journal of Parkinson’s Disease in 2015, patients with Parkinson’s disease have reduced trunk control, which may result in postural instability, reduced balance control, and a higher risk of falls. Pulling on the patient’s arms to assist them to stand up can lead to unsteady balance and falls, which can result in severe injury, including fractures and head trauma. Therefore, it is important to intervene and educate the nursing assistant about the appropriate way to assist the patient to stand up.

The appropriate way to assist a patient with Parkinson’s disease to stand up is by using a gait belt, as recommended by the National Parkinson Foundation. The use of a gait belt helps to provide stability and support to the patient while minimizing the risk of falls. The nursing assistant should place the gait belt around the patient’s waist, stand facing the patient, and hold onto the gait belt on both sides. They should then assist the patient to stand up gradually, supporting their weight as needed.

In summary, the use of a gait belt is the appropriate method for assisting patients with Parkinson’s disease to stand up safely. It is crucial for nursing professionals to intervene and educate healthcare assistants to ensure that patients receive safe and effective care, as patients with Parkinson’s disease are at a higher risk of falls and related injuries. write my research paper owl essayservice uk writings. following best practices, healthcare providers can promote the safety and well-being of patients with Parkinson’s disease.


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