Assignment Details MUSC18 Music Appreciation – SECTION 01

Write an essay (at least 2 pages double-spaced) describing how music impacts your life. How
do you listen to music? Do you listen actively as in attending concerts, by singing in a house of worship or as a solicit or in an ensemble, or by
sitting down and focusing on the music? Do you listen passively as in using it as background for your
daily activities? Do you have a favorite type of music? How has the pandemic affected your listening
habits? Do you need music more or less?
Finally, what do you hope to learn as a result of taking this class.
Submit your essay on Canvas.
Sample Answer Guide
Music has always been an integral part of my life. I listen to music in various ways, sometimes actively and sometimes passively. I attend concerts, sing in choirs, and perform in ensembles as an active form of music appreciation. This requires me to focus on the music and its nuances, to feel the emotions it conveys, and to connect with the performer and the audience. On the other hand, I also listen to music passively, using it as background music while I work, study, or relax.
My favorite type of music is classical music, and I find it to be the perfect way to escape from the chaos of everyday life. It allows me to immerse myself in its beauty and elegance, to get lost in its timeless melodies and harmonies. Listening to classical music has always been a source of solace for me, and I feel that it has the power to uplift my mood and bring me peace.
The pandemic has affected my listening habits, as I am unable to attend concerts or perform in choirs. However, it has also made me appreciate the power of music even more. I have been listening to music more frequently, as a way to cope with the stress and uncertainty of the pandemic. Music has become an even more important source of comfort and hope in my life.
I hope to learn more about the history, styles, and genres of music as a result of taking this class. I also hope to deepen my appreciation for music and gain a better understanding of its cultural and social significance. I believe that taking this class will enrich my life and allow me to connect with music on a deeper level.

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