Nursing and its Ethical Issues

During the performance of their duties nurses may be faced with a situation which they are expected to make a decision whose options are neither clear nor ideal. This is what is commonly known as a nursing ethical dilemma. It is worth to note that making such decisions can be quite hard and this could result to stress or even depression on the decision maker who in this case is the care giver. Notably, in order to deal with nursing and its ethical issues you are supposed to be guided by nursing code of ethics. Such a code presents nurses with a framework that must be used in evaluating the decision of a given action as either ethical or unethical. It can also be used to judge whether a certain decision is good or bad in relation to the field of nursing. If you are a student and you would like to get nursing ethical issues paper writing help then you should feel free to contact us today.

One of the key ethical issues in the field of nursing is the concept of informed consent. Generally, patients are supposed to be informed about their diagnosis or what their medical options are. As a matter of fact, majority of patients rely on nurses to help them understand what the doctor explains as their clinical prognosis and treatment. Sometimes it is hard to make decision of the extent to which the patients should be informed about their medical condition especially those who are terminally ill. Nursing and its ethical issues is further complicated by family members who may might advise the nurse not to disclose the whole truth about the medical condition of a given family member to him/her.

Incompetent peer also comprises part of nursing and its ethical issues. Sometimes a nurse might notice that a certain colleague is incompetent in what he/she does do. Such a nurse is faced with a difficult decision to make. He/she must make the tough decision between reporting the specific colleague and keeping silent about it. If he/she decides to keep silent this means that he/she will be knowingly putting the lives of patients attended by the given staff at risk. Alternatively, if the nurse reports the given colleague then the medical center might become under-staffed and he/she risks losing friendship of that person. If you would like to understand more about such moral dilemmas then we strongly suggest that you order for our nursing ethical issues paper writing help.

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