To prepare:
• Review your completed Clinical Skills and Procedures Self-Assessment Form from Week 1, as well as the record of procedures you have performed throughout the practicum.
Assignment (1 page)
• Perform a new self-assessment. Rate yourself on clinical skills, based on your experiences during this practicum. Summarize the results.
• Explain which goals you accomplished and which you did not. If you did not achieve a particular goal, explain how you could continue to work on it after you complete your program, as you advance and grow in your career.
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Updated references from last 5 years
Turnitin similarity less 20 %

From last evaluation
I improve at:
EKG performance and interpretation, Chest Xray interpretation. EPPDS Screening
Preventive screening program in general (emphasis here).

Still need more practice in urodynamic studies, prostatic exams, contraceptives administration.
Attach my first self-evaluation for guideline.

Skill / Procedure Confident (Can complete independently) Mostly Confident (Can complete with supervision) Beginning
(Has performed with supervision or need supervision to feel confident) New
(Has never performed or does not apply)
Rapid Strep Test X
Ophthalmic Examination X
Otoscopic Examination X
Rapid Influenza testing
Inhalation Therapy X
Interpret Chest X-ray X
Peak flow meter X
Pulmonary Function Tests X
Asthma and allergy action care plan X
EKG Performance and Interpretation X
Wound Care X
PPD Reading X
KOH skin slide for fungus X
Digital Rectal Exam X
Fecal Occult Blood Testing X
Interpret H/H X
Mini Mental Status Exam X
Gait and Balance Assessment X
Breast Examination X
Obtaining vaginal culture X
HARK screening X
Contraceptive Planning X
Herpes Culture X
Pap Smear X
STI Testing X
Auscultation Fetal Heart Tones X
Fundal Height Assessment X
Pregnancy Test X
EPPDS Screening X
Pelvic Exam X
Testicular Exam X
Prostate Exam/DRE X
Urodynamic Study X
Aerosol/Inhalation Administration X
Interpret Laboratory/Diagnostic Testing X
Informed Consent X
Normal Growth and Development evaluation X
Cerumen Impaction Removal (irrigation) X
Cerumen Impaction Removal (curette) X
Fluorescein Staining X
Wood’s Light Examination X
Corneal Foreign Body Removal X
Management of Epistaxis (Packing and Removal) X
Remove Foreign Body (ear, eye, nose, soft tissue, other) X
Peak flow meter Measurement and Interpretation X
Pulmonary Function Test Performance and Interpretation X
Burn Treatment/dressing X
Cryotherapy X
Shave Biopsy X
Punch Biopsy X
Simple Interrupted Sutures and Suture Removal X
Staple Placement X
Skin Adhesive Placement X
Toenail Avulsion X
Incision and Drainage X
Subungual Hematoma Evacuation X
Skin Tag Removal X
Wart destruction/removal X
Wound Care and Debridement X
Steri Strip Application X
Tick Removal X
KOH skin slide for fungus X
Hemorrhoid, excision of thrombus X
Local/Field Block for Anesthesia X
Digital Block for Anesthesia X
Trigger Point Injection X
Joint Injection X
Splinting X
Basic microscopy (yeast, BV) X
Contraceptive Placement (Long term) X
IUD Placement and Removal X

Previous goals
1- I will use effective communication techniques with family and patients to establish a therapeutic relationship necessary for the best patient outcomes for week 2.
2- I will be able to perform a complete physical assessment and made effective diagnosis in simples’ cases for week number 4.
3- I will be able to practice independently at the end of this quarter, demonstrating the utilization of the nursing process to guide me during specific clinical situations, also making more complicated diagnosis with the preceptor’s help.
4- I will use the pharmacologic knowledge to establish treatment for pt’s bases on most actualized guidelines by the week 10.

Self-Assessment on Clinical Skills during Practicum

Throughout my practicum, I have gained more confidence and improved my skills in several areas such as EKG performance and interpretation, chest X-ray interpretation, and EPPDS screening. However, I still need more practice in urodynamic studies, prostatic exams, and contraceptives administration.

In terms of my previous goals, I have accomplished the first goal of using effective communication techniques with family and patients to establish a therapeutic relationship necessary for the best patient outcomes. I was able to establish rapport with patients and their families by utilizing active listening and empathy.

For the second goal, I was able to perform a complete physical assessment and made effective diagnoses in simple cases by the fourth week of my practicum. I have also accomplished the third goal of being able to practice independently by the end of the quarter. With the guidance of my preceptor, I was able to make more complicated diagnoses and apply the nursing process in specific clinical situations.

However, I was not able to fully accomplish the fourth goal of using pharmacologic knowledge to establish treatment for patients based on the most updated guidelines by the week 10. To continue working on this goal, I plan to continue studying and keeping up-to-date with current pharmacologic knowledge and guidelines as I advance in my nursing career.

In conclusion, my practicum experience has been invaluable in improving my clinical skills and achieving my goals. I will continue to work on areas that I need more practice and strive to further develop my nursing knowledge and expertise.

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