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5HR01: Employment Relationship Management

5HR01: Employment Relationship Management – Report Writing Assignment Task Case study You are the HR manager for Makite Solutions, a small-medium sized logistics company which distributes products nationally. Makite provide high-performance logistics and supply chain management to customers. Starting by delivering in their local area, they have experienced explosive growth over the last 3 years, […]

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BM70005W – Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics

BM70005W – Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics – Report Writing Assignment Task Assessment Task -1 The aim of this exercise is to help you deepen your understanding of homology analysis, and comprehend how to use various BLAST tools (e.g. TBLASTN, BLASTX, BLASTP) and various databases to discover novel genes. Select any protein of from an organism […]

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IB9MML: Financial Management

IB9MML: Financial Management – Report Writing Assignment Task Risk and return on equity of AG Barr Plc and Britvic Plc Freshly armed with your new Warwick MBA, you have recently joined an executive recruitment firm that specialises in advising and placing senior managers in the drinks industry. One of your clients is currently considering an […]

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Critical Analysis of A ‘Real World’ Commercial Law Problem

Critical Analysis of A ‘Real World’ Commercial Law Problem Assignment Task Hypothetical Questions NSTRUCTIONS TO STUDENTS: For the following hypothetical problems, you are required to identify legal issues, state relevant legal principles and apply the relevant law in order to reach a conclusion for the client. You are asked to advise parties, including possible remedies […]

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Contracts and Law in Construction

Contracts and Law in Construction 4–5 minutes Assignment Task Unit Learning Outcomes LO1 Examine the process used to obtain planning permission for the construction and alteration of buildings LO2 Discuss the processes and regulations used to control design and to ensure safe buildings LO3 Assess the laws used to ensure that construction sites operate safely […]

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HRM Theory Assignment Task

HRM Theory This is assignment two of transformational paper (I would love to work with people who did the transformational paper) Assignment Task You are required to produce an essay which critically evaluates a contemporary HRM theory and applies your theoretical conceptual framework to a specific organisation’s practice and comments on how theory fits with practice in relation to that organisation. Both […]

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