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AI: An Analysis of Business Mediation

AI: An Analysis of Business Mediation. Table of Contents EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. 3 CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION. 4 1.2 Sources and Methods. 4 CHAPTER 2: LITERATURE FINDINGS AND RESULTS. 5 2.1 Introduction. 5 2.1.1 Culture of innovation. 5 2.1.2 Sufficient Data Quantity and Quality. 5 2.1.3 Cloud based technologies. 6 2.1.4 Internal expertise. 6 2.1.5 Well defined […]

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Effect of Religion on Equiano’s life.

Effect of Religion on Equiano’s life. Introduction. Olaudah Equiano, also known as Gustavus Vassa after baptism (Mottolese, 1988, p.60), was a former enslaved African man who bought his freedom and wrote an autobiography about his story of slavery. Equiano embraced Christianity at age 14. He got baptized in 1759 in London at St. Margaret’s Church, […]

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