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NURS 6002 Academic and Professional Success Plan

Academic and Professional Success Plan Template Prepared by: ———– This document is intended for NURS 6002 Transition to Graduate Study for Nursing to complete Assessments 1-4. Its purpose is to help organize your thoughts and plan for your academic and professional success. Please refer to the weekly assessment details in the course or consult your […]

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Psychosocial Treatment Assignment

Psychosocial Treatment Assignment. The assignment in this module represents a 2-part project in which you will research a biomedical or psychosocial treatment indicated for a specific mental disorder. The two parts that you will submit for this assignment are an Executive Summary (referred to as Part 1 below), and an Infographic (noted as Part 2 […]

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Jackie Frost is a 74-year old male to female (transgender)

Case study ~ UNIT 2 Part I: Initial Nursing Assessment Jackie Frost is a 74-year old male to female (transgender) with a past medical history of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), Multiple Myeloma (currently in remission), Myasthenia Gravis. She was prescribed a 5-day course of dexamethasone and a Salbutamol inhaler by her family physician for respiratory […]

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