Referring to Unit 2 Readings and Resources, write a 4-5 page paper exploring each of the “7 S’s” and how the model can positively impact the organization. Your paper should include: Cover page 4-5 pages of content Reference page Proper formatting per APA 7th edition

McKinsey 7-S Framework – Making Every Part of Your Organization Work in Harmony (

The McKinsey 7-S Framework is a model developed by management consulting firm McKinsey & Company to help organizations ensure that all parts of the organization are working together in harmony. The model consists of seven elements, which are:

Strategy: The plan or approach an organization takes to achieve its goals and objectives.

Structure: The way in which the organization is set up and how its different parts interact.

Systems: The processes and procedures in place to support the organization’s operations.

Shared values: The core values and beliefs that drive the behavior of the organization’s members.

Staff: The people who make up the organization, including their skills, experience, and motivation.

Skills: The specific capabilities and expertise that the organization possesses.

Style: The leadership and management approach used by the organization.

By considering each of these elements, an organization can ensure that all parts of the organization are aligned and working towards the same goals. This can lead to a number of positive impacts on the organization, including:

Improved efficiency and productivity, as all parts of the organization are working together seamlessly.
Better decision making, as all relevant information and perspectives are taken into account.
Increased innovation, as the organization is better able to identify and capitalize on new opportunities.
Greater employee engagement and motivation, as staff are more likely to feel that their contributions are valued and that they are part of a unified team.
Enhanced reputation and credibility, as the organization is seen as being well-managed and effective.
In order to apply the 7-S framework, an organization should start by analyzing its current situation, identifying where improvements can be made and then creating a plan to make those improvements. The organization should also continuously monitor and evaluate its progress to ensure that the desired results are being achieved.

It’s important to note that the McKinsey 7-S Framework is not a one-time solution, but rather an ongoing process that helps organizations continuously align and improve their performance.

McKinsey 7-S Framework – Making Every Part of Your Organization Work in Harmony (
McKinsey 7S Framework – Strategy Skills (
The McKinsey 7-S Framework (

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