The processes involved in handling Cargo

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According to Transporteca a cargo handling company, shipping of goods from shipper to the consignee is a process. The choice of transport in this case is through air this is because the method is convenient since cargo handling in the process of transporting also the cargo is taken as close to the consignee as possible since the method is flexible. The method attracts a low insurance premiums which makes it a cheaper method of transportation since the risks are minimal. This is also coupled with the fact that there is a reduced risk of theft or damage. It is also easy to track the cargo as it is being transported through web applications.
The steps involved are export haulage which involves movement of goods from the shipper to the forwarder’s premises. Then the export custom clearance kick off so as to meet regulatory requirements in this process the required documentation is submitted to haulage authorities and done by companies having valid custom licences. The third step is origin handling this covers the process of physical handling of cargo to the time it is loaded on the aircraft. This process may be paid for by the shipper or consignee according to their agreement. The fourth stage is air freight where it refers to the process of transporting the cargo to its destination. The fifth stage is import custom clearance which can begin even before the goods arrive at their destination. This enables clearing of custom duties this work is done by the freight forwarder on behalf of consignee. Before the cargo leaves the customs bonded area this clearance must be done. The sixth step is destination handling it refers to handling of cargo from the airplane and to the forwarder’s destination warehouse. This prepares the cargo for collection by the consignee. The final step is import haulage which is the actual delivery of cargo to consignee done by the freight forwarder. The delivery is done to the consignee’s address.

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The Processes involved in Handling Cargo:
Receiving and inspection of goods: This process involves checking the incoming goods for damage and verifying that the received goods match the original order.
Loading and unloading of goods: The process of loading and unloading goods involves transferring goods from one mode of transportation to another, such as from a truck to a ship or vice versa.
Warehouse storage and management: This process involves organizing and storing goods in a secure and efficient manner to ensure that they are protected and easily accessible.
Inventory control and management: This process involves monitoring the inventory levels of goods to ensure that adequate stock levels are maintained.
Packaging and labeling of goods: This process involves preparing goods for shipment by wrapping, packing, and labeling them in accordance with shipping regulations and industry standards.
Transportation and delivery of goods: The process of transportation and delivery involves moving goods from one location to another, including local, regional, national, and international shipping.
Documentation and customs clearance: This process involves preparing and submitting the necessary documentation and obtaining customs clearance for international shipments.
Claims and dispute handling: This process involves resolving any issues that arise during the handling of cargo, such as damaged goods, missing items, and other disputes.
Insurance coverage and risk management: This process involves protecting the goods during transit and storage through insurance coverage and risk management measures.
Continental Freight’s mantra “Quality Service Delivery is our mantra” emphasizes the importance of providing high-quality services throughout the entire cargo handling process, from receiving and inspection of goods to transportation and delivery.

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