The Role of the Clinical Nurse Coordinator

Clinical nurse coordinators are registered nurses who oversee the clinical operations of a health care department, unit or program. They provide both clinical and administrative leadership to their nursing team, as well as coordinate patient care with other health care professionals. Clinical nurse coordinators may also be involved in providing some level of patient care themselves.

What Does a Clinical Nurse Coordinator Do?

Some of the common duties and responsibilities of a clinical nurse coordinator are:

– Overseeing the daily operations of a health care program or department
– Coordinating patient care teams and ensuring adequate patient care throughout their department or facility
– Serving as a liaison between patients and their families or medical professionals
– Evaluating patient care in their unit or department and adapting treatment plans accordingly
– Developing and implementing nursing protocols and procedures for new procedures or services in the facility
– Establishing relationships with patients and their families to provide emotional support during illnesses or stressful situations
– Identifying issues that put patients at risk for complications or readmissions
– Monitoring patients’ health status and communicating with physicians about changes in patients’ conditions
– Reviewing patients’ medical records to assess their progress or to identify areas of concern
– Coordinating with other departments to schedule appointments, handle billing issues, and provide customer service to patients
– Recommending nursing staff hiring decisions based on applicant qualifications and experience
– Developing and conducting patient and staff education plans

What Skills and Qualifications Do You Need to Become a Clinical Nurse Coordinator?

To pursue a career as a clinical nurse coordinator, you need to have the following skills and qualifications:

– A bachelor’s degree in nursing and a license from the state where you want to practice
– Several years of nursing experience before you can start in a coordinating position
– A master’s degree in public health or nursing (optional but preferred)
– Excellent communication, interpersonal, leadership, organizational, problem-solving, and decision-making skills
– Knowledge of nursing standards, policies, procedures, and best practices
– Ability to work well under pressure, multitask, prioritize, delegate, and supervise others
– Compassion, empathy, patience, and respect for patients and their families
– Proficiency in using computers and medical software

How Much Do Clinical Nurse Coordinators Earn?

According to, the average salary for clinical nurse coordinators in the United States was $92,500 per year as of June 2022. However, this may vary depending on factors such as education, experience, location, employer, and industry. According to, the top 10% of clinical nurse coordinators earned more than $137,000 per year as of August 2023.

What Is the Job Outlook for Clinical Nurse Coordinators?

The job outlook for clinical nurse coordinators is expected to be positive in the coming years. According to Career Trend, the employment of clinical nurse coordinators is expected to grow faster than average over the next decade. This is because of the increasing demand for health care services, especially from an aging population. As health care providers continue to see more patients, clinical nurse coordinators will be needed to organize and direct the work of other nurses and other health care workers. In addition, as hospitals and other health care facilities implement changes in response to health care reform, clinical nurse coordinators will be needed to oversee the implementation of these changes.

If you are interested in becoming a clinical nurse coordinator, you can start by pursuing a bachelor’s degree in nursing and gaining some nursing experience. You can then apply for a coordinating position in your desired health care setting. You can also consider pursuing a master’s degree in public health or nursing to enhance your skills and qualifications. As a clinical nurse coordinator, you can enjoy a rewarding career that combines clinical expertise with administrative leadership.

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