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The CDC’s Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity (DNPAO) is committed to increasing breastfeeding rates throughout the United States and to promoting and supporting optimal breastfeeding practices toward the ultimate goal of improving the public’s health.
Discuss the CDC breastfeeding initiative and how you will support this when interacting with your pregnant and postpartum women in the primary care setting? How will you support the mom who decides to bottle feed instead?

Breastfeeding is a critical public health issue, and the CDC’s Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity’s initiative to promote and support optimal breastfeeding practices is an essential step towards improving the public’s health. The initiative aims to increase breastfeeding rates in the United States and support mothers who choose to breastfeed by providing evidence-based recommendations, resources, and support.

As a healthcare provider in the primary care setting, I will support this initiative by providing comprehensive education, counseling, and support to pregnant and postpartum women. This includes discussing the benefits of breastfeeding, addressing concerns, and providing guidance on proper latch, positioning, and milk supply. I will also encourage mothers to seek help and support from lactation consultants or breastfeeding support groups if needed.

For mothers who decide to bottle feed instead, I will provide education and support on appropriate formula preparation, feeding techniques, and responsive feeding practices. I will also emphasize the importance of bonding and nurturing their infant through skin-to-skin contact and responsive interactions during feeding.

Regardless of their feeding choice, I will provide all mothers with non-judgmental, evidence-based care that supports their decision and their infant’s optimal health and development. I will also continue to promote the CDC’s breastfeeding initiative and encourage mothers to consider breastfeeding as the best choice for themselves and their babies.

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