Worker’s Compensation in New Jersey
Briefly explain why you chose the topic and your reaction to the material you found online about the topic.

Please keep at 275-300 words.
Worker’s Compensation in New Jersey
Briefly explain why you chose the topic and your reaction to the material you found online about the topic.
The issue of worker’s compensation in New Jersey is an issue of interest considering the conflicts involved between different parties in the compensation such as the employers, insurance firms, and the employers (Moore and Viscusi, 2014). The parties involved are in a tug of war, with each party advocating for gaining benefits from the compensation process. However, the worker faces the issues that are directly connected to the compensation, and thus they should be the center of interest in the compensation process. There is a need to favorably reseach on compensate valuable information to enhance the understanding and appreciation of the issue as well as learn different view from various resources on the topic.
There is a need to classify compensation based on the different factors and aspects that are linked to compensation to ensures that the workers are adequately compensated when an element of compensation arises (Williams, 2016). In this regard, the benefits need to be classified based on different benefits such as medical, temporary total benefits, permanent partial benefits, or the permanent total benefits. The researcher understands the need to favourably compensate workers and further understand the impact of failing to compensate them. This approach ensures that the employees are not under-compensated based on their damages or suffering related to their work.
The compensation topic is of great interest to enhance the creation of awareness and understanding of the processes and stages of procuring compensation. The compensation needs to be lodged when the worker is injured in the course of working (Spieler and Burton, 2012). In this case, the employer needs to notify the employer through their supervisors or the relevant personnel office then the employer can notify their insurance carrier by way of filling the first report of injury. Additionally, the research will provide information on the actions to taken in the cases with disputes on the compensation process, or there are discrimination issues. Therefore, the research in the Worker’s Compensation in New Jersey will conclusively provide the necessary information to ensure that workers are adequately compensated.

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